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  1. help on a rs 2000 mk2

    Don't have a clue what you mean.
  2. Steering Column Cowling Help

    Looks Cortina to me too.
  3. Can anyone help me trace a Ford part number.I have found a new fan in my workshop with a ford part number on.The finis code is 1657153 there is also another number on the lable this is 44c04a02.Heres a pic of the item
  4. ford orion 1.6 auto

    Is the water pump working?.Maybe a blocked or knackerd radiator.
  5. escort pick up

    what are you going to do about the back doors.Are you going to cut the tops off and weld them up.Good luck with the project.Be good to see some pics of the work as you progress.
  6. Hi Ford fans

    Have just bought a 1988 E reg Orion 1.6i ghia.This car has only done 62,000 miles from new and i'm the 3rd owner.Has come from a ford mad family who have had the car from new.The front wheels have never had brake dust on them as there are sheilds on the insides of the wheels.Theres a bit of rust on the back arches both sides but nothing i can't sort out.Look out for a black orion in the Southampton area.
  7. need part

    There was some on Ebay last week.Almost got one myself as it went for £8 and was only 20min drive away.
  8. escort pick up

    A mate of mine done this to a Astra estate.I would use an estate model with 2 doors.Cut the roof off just after the front seats and weld a piece of metal in behind the seats so you have the cabin area.Then you have to make the bed of the pick up.It's not as easy as you think.My mate scrapped his in the end as he got board of doing all the work.Shame really as it would of been fun.