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  1. Tyre Pressure

    Lol, yeah thanks guys, appreciate both of your help. I just went to the petrol station a little while ago and set it to 32 :).. currently on standard wheels for a 1.6 Zetec Mk 2 focus. Thanks a lot for your suggestions though!
  2. Alloys

    Alright cool, I was considering 17's but just wanted to make sure, so I think I will go through with that now then. Thanks
  3. Tyre Pressure

    Alright cool, thanks man!
  4. Tyre Pressure

    Hi, just out of curiosity, I have asked many people's opinion on this, but come back with many different responses. What is the recommended tyre pressure? Thanks
  5. Steering problem

    Thanks a lot, helped me greatly!
  6. Steering problem

    Hi, in my Mk2 Focus Zetec, the steering wheel doesn't sit completely straight when the tyres are, if I try to make the steering straight, the car ends up rearing left, any suggestions as to why this is or how to fix it? Thanks
  7. Alloys

    Hi, I recently just bought a Mk2 Focus Zetec and I was wondering what would be the biggest alloy size that would fit comfortably onto it without any grinding or rubbing... Hoping to get a sport suspension and lower it about 30mm aswell. Any suggestions? Thanks