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  1. I know this is an old thread, but seemed the right place for it. I've designed an enclosure for the sub similar to the one in your boot, but I can't work out how I'm going to get it to stay upright....how did yours secure to the car? Cheers
  2. Remote Central Locking - Mk2.5

    Hi, The other day the fob in my car became quite intermittent. Then stopped all together. Assumed (Rightly or Wrongly) that it is a new battery required. Changed the battery, and got nothing. So assumed I will need to re-learn the key via the learning mode (0-II 4 times in 3 seconds). I must have tried to get the car into learning mode, 30 or 40 times to no avail. Has anyone ever experienced this? Not sure if it helps...but I was in FF2 & elmConfig a couple of months back changing a few bits....i wonder if I have accidentally unticked/ticked something that I shouldnt have. Cheers Gary
  3. Club Lanyards?

    Spare has gone in the cupboard.....told the other half she can have it when she sells that awful Vauxhall and buys a proper car
  4. Club Lanyards?

    Nice little surprise after getting home from footgolf....Cheers mate
  5. Club Lanyards?

    Cheers Keiran, star man
  6. Club Lanyards?

    Smart mate. Can't wait to get rid of the work one...nothing worse than advertising that you work for an energy company
  7. Annual Milage

    I bought the Focus in Jan 2014 with 39k...now on 65k.....Manchester to Oxford for work is responsible for that though
  8. £100 Parking Ticket!

    Number plates that flip...... You going to do a guide?
  9. £100 Parking Ticket!

    Yeah I paid the £60 as I legally had to, but it still hurt
  10. £100 Parking Ticket!

    I got one of these tickets for parking in the Peel Centre in Stockport. I know that it is free after 8.30pm and there is a Frankies & Bennys on there. Arrived at 8.28pm. Had a cig and went in after 8.30. No ticket. 3 weeks go by and they send me a £100 ticket for not paying during operating hours, again reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. I knew that you had to enter a reg number into the machines when getting a ticket, but I always assumed that was so tickets weren't transferable to other folk in the car park. Turns out the car park has ANPR technology and it matches up your car to the ticket. So in short, I had to pay £60 to park my car in an empty car park for 2 minutes. Thieves
  11. Idiot Children On Scooters

    There is/was a young lad near me who used to tear up and down the street on his dirt bike. No lid, no leathers, nothing.....popped a wheelie, back end lit up and he went straight into a concrete lamppost...... That in itself should have been enough to teach him a lesson, 3 months later he was flying up the maiin road that I lived off, car pulled out in front of him at night, no lights on, and he went flying over the car and hit a wall. I think they hosed him down. I had bikes for about 10 years, rode them like an old man in built up areas, but when the roads opened up so did my throttle. It took a serious crash and me ending up under a bus and on crutches for 6 months for me to realise they were dangerous. But going back to your original point, they let anyone have a CBT these days at the age of 16. Going back nearly 15 years now, but the day I did my CBT, there was a girl who was about 20 years old. We drove around the test centre car park for half the day and then went out on the roads after dinner. She went to pull out the car park and went straight across a main road and through a fence on the other side. The instructor made her pick the bike up and carry on. She passed.....tells you everything you need to know about the types of incompetence they allow on the roads
  12. Tattoos :)

    I've got a few.... Tribal 3/4 Sleeve Latin writing on my forearm St George Flag on my upper arm My daughters name on the top of my back Huge Man City badge on my leg I want more....but most of my spare money goes on the cars....so they will have to wait
  13. Club Lanyards?

    perfect mate cheers
  14. Club Lanyards?

    Id take 3, and would be happy with any of designs 1-3