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  1. 09 ford focus zetec cdti 1.6

    Its a cheapo one , but there are 2 sections on the code reading part for live codes and stored codes , both of which are empty. An update to the issue is : it happened again yesterday on the way to football , its like the turbo just turns off , again no codes , restarted twice and nothing. Left it while watching the footie came back to it around 2 hours later and its working again . Id of though tif the turbo is on its way id of got some noise or even smoke from it ? Again surely the dash warning would blink for the dpf ?
  2. 09 ford focus zetec cdti 1.6

    To add to this , not sure if its relevent. Lately ive been hearing a noise simular to a dump valve , very faintly though. I think it happenes when i change gear , normally hear it the most in third .
  3. Hi All, Drove to work this morning and heard the car ding , looked at the display and it read "engine malfunction" , so i pulled over and restarted and all seemed fine , until i put my foot down in second for some speed and noticed the turbo didn't come in , had another 20 ish minutes on my drive in s o i tried it a few more times and as far as i can tell its not kicking in . No ive got on of those code reader units and according to that ive got no codes or no stored codes .Which i found weird as surely the engine malfunction would of stored a code...wouldn't it ?? Its parked up in the multistory now , i cant really try anything till tomorrow , till its light a sim here til 8pm :( .Anyone have any ideas ?. Im wondering if its related to the DPF as i dont really take it on many long journeys , i do normally treat the fuel with one of those wynns things , but havent in the last 3 months , but again if it was blocked wouldnt i have some sort of code or warning light ?? Thanks in advance
  4. Focus 2009 clutch issue

    Hi all, My biting point on my clutch seems quite high , as in i have to let the pedal out quite a bit. I've had no issues with the car in respect of the speed and changing gear etc .I've done the drive in 3rd and drop it into 2nd test and the revs shot up , which i believe is good . But i also tried to pull off in third and it did but tried to stall as i moved off due to no speed. Perhaps its just me and im paranoid . Ive been quoted £720 to change clutch flywheel and a servo ( think thats what he said) seems a bit pricey tbh . Is it possible to adjust the clutch in anyway ? or is there a better way to test it out ? Car is a focus 2009 1.6 zetec cdti Thanks in advance
  5. Sun Visor Clip

    Hey guys not a big issue, but the sun visor on the drivers side keeps unclipping when I go over any sort of bump and it just bounces around till I put it back in.Does anyone know where I can get a replacement one from,there's none on the auction sites.I've tried banging a load of blutac in there but it hasn't helped. Or do any of you guys have one knocking around I could buy? or know of any tricks to keep it in there ? Its for a 2004 focus 1.8 tddi ,the clip is light grey . Its the December model which I think is classed as the MK 1.5. Cheers if anyone gets back to me ! Thanks
  6. Trouble Starting Focus 1.8 Tddi 2004

    After the mess up at the shop im now doubting whether I've put the correct plugs in now? it was an online store with outlets around the country. Not sure if I can name them but it begins with an Euro and ends in parts I ordered 4 which they sent but it wasn't until today when I opened them and tried to fit them I noticed 2 were different to the other two. There bosch ones. Anyone know how I can check which are they correct ones if any??..
  7. Hey guys, As the title says im having problems starting my motor. At first I thought it was down to the cold mornings and had to get the plugs to run a couple of times to get her going, and planned to change the plugs when the weather got better. Now the weather is slightly better I have changed 2 of the plugs as the retailer sold me 2 different types DUH !!.awaiting the other 2 now. Its still the same, I have to try to start it a couple of times before its catches and runs. The plug light comes on for its 6 seconds ish and goes out then I try it the first time and it seems as though its killing the battery(battery is fine btw voltages type etc.).Try it a second time and sometimes it will run but mostly I have to try it a third/forth time before it will catch. Any ideas??
  8. Strange Noise After Timing Belt Change

    sorry yea forgot to mention he did also change the tensioner.
  9. Hey guys I had my timing belt finally changed after 127k apparently it was the original belt still on there :( But when I started up to drive back home I noticed a strange whirring type noise on start up, thought nothing of it at the time as I thought maybe it needs time to wear in etc. Its been 2 weeks now and I've still got this noise, maybe im being paranoid?.. He also changed the aux belt while he was there, maybe something to do with that?
  10. A Few Questions ?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions if anyone can help ? Ford focus 2004 LX TDDI 1.8 (54 model) 1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330748971778 are these the correct plugs for my car? it says they are but im not sure? 2,Ive been noticing that 2nd gear seems to be really sluggish at times, an example.Im slowly rolling around a corner waiting for someone else to get out the way, when they do I put my foot down ..and it crawls, it eventually gets going but its so slow at times. Any ideas? 3,Can anyone please tell me the idle voltages and the turned off voltages I should be getting on my battery.I've looked on the web but no clear indication(ordered a Haynes manual but it hasn't turned up yet !). Many thanks for your help !!
  11. Hi guys and good morning. Whilst driving yesterday I noticed that when in 2nd and third gear and moving ,but not accelerating the car trys to accelerate on its own a little ,like a short burst? Now ive never owned a car with a turbo before so I don't know if this is normal? It goes away after a few seconds or if I brake/accelerate? Any ideas? 54 plate 1.8 lx tddi Cheers
  12. Tapping Noise

    no its sits steadily on 800,no problems there ! Its a constant noise, not very loud but you can make it out from the engine running
  13. Tapping Noise

    Hi , No I don't get the light flickering and I have a brand new battery. The noise happens when the car is idle, it may be happening when running but its impossible to tell to be honest. I know diesels make a throaty sound but there is something else in the background I can hear!
  14. Tapping Noise

    Hey guys hopefully someone can clear this up for me. When my car is running ,mainly at standstill there's what I would describe as a tapping noise (not too loud).I was told be a friend who knows a bit about cars (or so he says) that its something to do with the cam belt.Now speaking to another mate today who also claims to know a bit , he says different .He says its nothing to do with the cam belt. Now im looking at getting the belt changed at the end of the month anyway as its got 127 k on the clock and I have absolutely no idea if its ever been changed.(it is an ex fleet car so im reckoning it may have been done at 80k ,hopefully)no paperwork to say otherwise though. I've also just found out its last service was roughly 18 months ago so im going to change the oil/coolant and filters within the next month. Anyone else have this noise or know what it is? 1.8 lx tddi 54 plate As always help is most appreciated!
  15. Ford Focus Locking Issue

    It may need reprogramming.theres loads of videos on you tube than explain it better than I can here. Good luck