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  1. Gaulson

    Mk6.5 Zetec S For Sale... If Interested?

    Yeah its a really nice car, will be sad to see it go but I have a Subaru waiting for me to get behind the wheel. Annoyingly I have to sell this before I can do that. Hope it sells soon!
  2. Not sure if I am allowed to let you guys know or not but my fiesta is up for sale if you are interested? HERE Thanks for looking
  3. Gaulson

    Fiesta Zetec S Mk 6.5 Mysterious Knock

    I have recorded a video of the knock happening, this is when I'm reversing off my drive. It does it every morning, hope it helps understand my knock ;]. Please note, sometimes it does the knock twice... at 2 different points of the reverse but in this video it's just 1 very noticable knock. Thanks
  4. Gaulson

    Fiesta Zetec S Mk 6.5 Mysterious Knock

    That's the annoying thing for me, I can't replicate the noise at a standstill no matter what I do. I can only get it in motion, I will try and get a video of it for people to better understand. As for springs you should be able to twist them slightly, they will rotate on the strut top bearings and should feel lovely and smooth.
  5. Gaulson

    Fiesta Zetec S Mk 6.5 Mysterious Knock

    The knock happens on any point of lock, not just when I reach full lock. Only happens in motion as well, if I roll forward with some steering lock on it will knock after a couple of feet. The slower I go the louder the knock, sounds very much like a fracture but can't find it =[
  6. Hello, Well I'm new to this forum so I may as well start with what has been causing me stress the past year... About a year ago I started noticing a knock coming from the front of my car when doing manouvers, so if I reverse with a steering lock (whether it's fully over or just half turned) I get a knock. This is a metallic one, sometimes dulled down as if under water. Things I've found worn and been replaced so far are; - o/f/s Driveshaft inc CV joint - Central lower engine mount - Spring (Broken) - Shockers (happened with spring) Things to note; - No play in n/s Driveshaft or joint - All bolts to subframe are tight - No play in any bushes - Steering has no play From making various notes about when the knock happens It's quite possibly pointing towards the diff but is there a way to check? Can't get the noise when the car is on the ramp. When one wheel is turned the other doesn't move or even attempt to but is that normal with an open diff? Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help.