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  1. Windows 10 Free Upgrade ??

    You can extract your license key to be sure using ProduKey, I've used it a few times on clients machines to get license keys before installing new OS Link here: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html
  2. My Focus Is Slow To Start :(

    Mine did this turned out the relay for the alternator was buggered; went to a breakers yard and they gave me three or four for £2 - local garage wanted £20 for one I think mine would turn over but fail to start so I'd have to turn the key again then second time it would fire, it went on for some time before i had to bump start it to get to a garage
  3. Ford Touch Up Paint Pen

    I was trading the car in for my ranger, bloke on commercials said get a touch up stick and he'll say no more about it as the car was only going to be sent off to auction otherwise I certainly wouldn't of trusted myself I was expecting to have to give chips away a call
  4. Ford Touch Up Paint Pen

    Halfords touch up pens are pretty dam good, I had a 3 inch scratch that was pretty deep, bought a filler pen and panther black pen from halfords. Was really impressed with the result - scratch was dead center on the bottom of the door, coat of mer after using the pen and it polished up pretty good too
  5. What Fits In A Focus??

    You wanna see her when she's got a sulk on! With the seats down its probably not far off the size of an estate, was a dam good car!
  6. I Love My Fiesta!

    hello and welcome :)
  7. What Fits In A Focus??

    I found a pic of said car packed to the roof, theres 2 dogs asleep in the back either side of the boards and bags lol, almost level with the windows!
  8. I imagine that will be a swine to replace! I swapped the back box when i had mine and the hardest part of that was getting new rubber hangars on lol
  9. Cordless Drill Advice

    there'll be no regrets if he does haha
  10. Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    I remember a few summers ago driving down to cornwall in july in my zetec 1.25 (60 plate) and thinking how crap the aircon was also the temperature gauge was pretty shocking i've got a few pics somewhere of it reading 38 degress plus!
  11. Cordless Drill Advice

    trains gone but i'm still running... :(
  12. my old focus (2003 zetec ebony mk1.5) had eml as an advisory albeit that was 3 years ago - might be easier to just replace it rather than risk it
  13. Cordless Drill Advice

    I have this model: https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/product/6878008836225658557?biw=1266&bih=1275&q=makita+cordless+drill&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.94455598,d.bGQ&tch=1&ech=1ψ=rrBsVfnHDuHRywO4_YDQBQ.1433186477180.7&ved=0CCAQpis&ei=5LBsVaG4G6GhyAPX94CIDg just slightly over your budget but if you can find one within budget I'd definitely recommend it
  14. Cordless Drill Advice

    Have you had a look at makita drills? I think mines dogs nuts, one here: http://www.diy.com/departments/makita-cordless-18v-li-ion-combi-drill-2-batteries-hp457dwex2/278413_BQ.prd?gclid=CjwKEAjwhbCrBRCO7-e7vuXqiT4SJAB2B5u7Tbyg12b5osFVlc21xLjJD_hR-oREm_fEOwuGBVh1nBoCYNLw_wcB&ppc_type=shopping&ecamp=SEAPLA278413_BQ&ef_id=VWhWOgAAAUkft5Ds:20150601192220:s You can buy other makita tools and the batteries are interchangeable which never hurts