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  1. My Focus MK2

  2. New Bulbs. (Osram)

    Tip of the day! wear disposable gloves when handling light bulbs, sometimes the grease from your fingers can cause the bulb to blow prematurely! I also rate the nightbreakers!
  3. Alloy Buying Advice

    Cracked alloys can be repaired for around £50 a full refurb for one wheel is about 80, or a full set for 200 or if you know someone who can weld aluminium your laughing!
  4. Airbag Cover

    Ouch, a lot of money for a little bit of plastic!
  5. Airbag Cover

    if anyone knows where to get the 3 spoke version for the MK2 as well that would be helpful mines cracked!
  6. Are yo sure the rattling noise is coming from the engine? if you look under your car there's various protection plates that can become loose or snap away from there bolts. its also worth checking your exhaust is fully secure. Perry
  7. General Mods And Ideas, Mk2 Focus

    Cheers for that Lenny! hopefully it will be a while before I have to put some new rubber on my wheels but I can keep an eye out for a bargain and put them to one side until there needed
  8. General Mods And Ideas, Mk2 Focus

    I bought my car with the alloys so couldn't tell you on that one. the only thing I would say is it aquaplanes fairly easy, I think its down to the surface area of they tyres. Perry
  9. General Mods And Ideas, Mk2 Focus

    Cheers for that link james! very handy and Luke I have OZ Racing Superturisimo GT 18x8 Fitted, custom painted but looking to have them professionally repaired as a pothole has cracked one of them!
  10. General Mods And Ideas, Mk2 Focus

    Cheers guys! lots of pennys will be diapering by the looks of things!
  11. Hello everyone, My car currently has a K&N Air filter fitted, tinted windows and OZ racing alloys,. I am looking into fitting a new head unit after reading through the guides and doing the reverse light mod! can anyone recommend other simple mods to do? Im interested in fitting lights in my boot but I haven't been able to find a guide so if anyone can point me in the right direction for that I would appreciate it! Many thanks, Perry
  12. Arch Rolling

    Im certain its illegal to have your wheels protruding from your wheel arches, worth looking into before you get yourself a fine.
  13. Evening!

    Thanks everyone, awesome club going on here. I have just been browsing through the guides and having a nosey at your cars!
  14. Evening!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I forgot to mention im a Hertfordshire man myself so next to both of you! although I am currently working out of Colchester essex
  15. Evening!

    Evening everyone! Im Perry and I drive a 2007 1.6 Focus. I have a few things I want to do and have done but I will save that for a different thread.