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  1. Hissing noise from brake pedal

    take the vacuum pipe off at the servo put you finger over the pipe with the engine running it should firmly suck your finger into it , If this is ok then you more than likely have a burst diapharm inside your servo , I have seen the pipes burst and the servos fail on these before usually caused by oil contamination
  2. yes should be no hassle for you easy as to do , do not connect the small return pipe till you have added the antifreeze and start the engine and let it run topping it up till the colour of the antifreeze comes out the small pipe , this eliminates the need to bleed the system as the small pipe is the last part of the coolant return system , don't bother draining it down just pull the expansion bottle lower pipe off and connect the new bottle ,good luck
  3. Titanium - St-Line

    Looking to change the look of my new 2017 focus Titanium X and make it look like the St -Line , I need advise on what will parts of the kit I need and will fit the new 3.5 focus Ordered Zetec S mk 3 side sills pre painted frozen white £76.00 each from ford today Bought the front bumper sides and middle need a wee repair and painted also need a lower grill (does it all fit the original bumper) Need rear bumper lower section and insert panel (does it fit the original Bumper) Would love the looks of my old car had every toy available except hid lights , now my upgrade car has lots of toys inside except blis and adaptive cruise but just lacks the looks so I know I've only owned it 5 days but the paint gun has to come out and sort the looks out, I'll post updates as I go

    That seems ok , try a leak down test on the cylinders as a piston has a couple of compression rings and a oil control ring a leak down test puts compressed air into the cylinder you the bring the piston up on its compression stroke and look for any escape of air ie dipstick, rocker cover , hope this helps out
  5. Hi there Have you had a good look at the fuel filter area and the feed lines to the pump ,sounds like the fuel is running back to the tank ie not holding vac ,when your cranking it over it is then pulling the fuel back up and starting
  6. Core plugs leaking?

    Hi there Depending on how bad the leak is I would try bar seal through the coolant , if that doesn't work then your probably looking at changing the head as the core plugs bolt type are really hard to get out ,hope this helps you out a bit

    I agree with Ian, I test cars and have seen this problem over the years can sometimes fill the garage with smoke but only on higher revs , get a compression test done and maybe a cylinder leak down test also to try and find out the problem
  8. Just pull the small black pipe off at the expansion tank and put it lower than the tank start the engine and watch for the water coming out of it , that will let you know the water is circulating ok
  9. Check that the water is returning to the tank ok through the small pipe , buy a new expansion tank there actually not that expensive quite a common fault
  10. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Hi Guys I have just traded my 2012 zetec s to a 2017 titanium X nav , I am missing the Zetec looks and would like to know if I can fit the mk3 st or zetec s side skirts on it , can I also fit the lower half of the St line diffuser on to the Tit X front bumper and replace the lower grill as it looks like its a one piece part on the Tit X . One more question does the lower half of the St line rear bumper fit the Tit X , thanks guys in advance
  11. Sat Nav Sd Card

    Hi ,im in the same boat as lantofullpelt , trying to update from v2 to the latest tom tom 2016 software , don't get the option to delete old software but does updated software on screen but when it reboots it hasn't made any changes to maps or software version still v2 , does anyone know if it is a firmware issue that is causing this problem
  12. Hi guys I've got a 2012 Focus Zetec S , I've just took the plunge and bought a (AM5T-18B955-BJ) 2013 sat nav screen and a (BM5T-18C815-XF Dab radio combo , my original non sync screen was a AM5T-18b955-BF. I've purchased a V2 sd card , a gps Fakra antenna and a Nav Ford fascia control panel . Question is do i still need the 2 wire link from radio to sat nav wired if so how did you make a good connection between the units did you buy connectors and insert them into the plugs or did you cut the plugs off of a scrap car and rework them into your harness also where does the fakra z antenna go and is it necessary, one last question can i update to the latest gps maps as advertised on T.C Harrison ford for £81.99 part number 2013847 thanks in advancefor you help with this