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  1. I ment to say when car set off its pulls away a bit sluggish 

  2. I have a mondeo 16 reg engine management light has come on it's a automatic when it's accelerated from a standstill and its in low gearing is sluggish can any body help
  3. Wheels

    No going back to garage again today with same problem
  4. Wheels

    Went out in car last night drove for 3 miles till I got on m1 motorway to go to Leeds when I reached 50mph I got a vibrating coming through steering wheel when I drove a bit further and increased my speed vibrating disappeared can any body out ther shead any light on this I had front wheels balanced just the other wek
  5. I'm thinking of buying a 1 year old Mondeo I'm fancying a automatic any body got any advise I've got just changed clutch in my 59 reg Mondeo which had done 212000 miles before duel mass went..."does auto box have a clutch if so is it as expensive to change. Mine just cost me £800 which I didn't think was bad any advise please
  6. Headlight Connector

    . It's the big multi plug which goes at the back of the headlight unit
  7. 59 reg mark 4 mondeo broken lugs on head light can you just buy the connector ...what is best way to repair
  8. Does any one know where I can get a ford mondeo headlight plug connector I have damaged mine when trying to change a bulb buggers to get of
  9. Cam Belt Mondeo

    I drive a 59 reg 2l diesel estate is it a cam belt or is it a chain please help ?
  10. Cam Belt

    I drive a 59 reg mondeo 2l diesel estate can any body tell me is it a cam belt or is it a chain
  11. Cam Belt

    I have a 59 reg ford mondeo diesel 2.0 l estate with 102000 miles on clock when should the cam belt be changed presuming it has a belt or is it a chain