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  1. Clock Setting

    AHA Just found a short video on youtube Press and hold does seem to be the answer Thaks for all the replies :-) Caitriona
  2. Clock Setting

    yes definitely a 6000cd scrolling thru menu does not give a clock option willtry holdin menu button in and see thanks
  3. Water Leak?

    Greg, The aircon comes on with the fan, so yes. It helps demist the windscreen Caitriona
  4. Water Leak?

    Bought it in August but no record of repairs. Thanks will keep checking it
  5. Clock Setting

    I cannot see where in the radio menu to do this, though!
  6. Parking/reverse Sensor

    I believe they are OEM but have not had it from new C
  7. Clock Setting

    Yes, from memory, will check but that sounds familiar
  8. Water Leak?

    I hope so Perhaps my water was just low in the tank due to my not having checked it for a while I will keep an eye on it, Thanks
  9. Cmax Key

    I bought mine with just one key and got a spare one cut at Timpsons for £35 - they were doing a half-price deal. It did not work in the locks but did in the ignition so I had to take it back for further work - it is OK now Caitriona
  10. Parking/reverse Sensor

    Sorry I cannot help but have a problem with mine also 2004 1.6 diesel automatic. Mine do not work when reversing but seem to beep randomly at other times e.g. when I go over a speed hump. Hoping someone replies to your post. In the meantime I think mine started to go wrong after I washed the car and there is something in the manual about not directing water spray at them Caitriona
  11. Water Leak?

    Hi A friend told me there was a pool of water where I had been parked the other night. Checking the water yesterday morning it was way below minimum so I put 500ml water in and stopped off on the way to work for some anti-freeze topping it up to max with 500ml coolant. Checked this morning and it is still at max but concerned about a possible leak and what it could be. I dont want to be without the car for work tomorrow and am doing a 240 mile round trip at the weekend. Any advice welcome. Caitriona
  12. Clock Setting

    Hi I have had my C-Max diesel 1.6 since August and cannot figure out how to change the time on the clock display which is part of the audio system. It is about 12 minutes slow and is now also an hour out because of daylight saving Thanks Caitriona
  13. Hello

    Hi I bought a 2004 C-Max diesel 1.6 in August and decided to join here today so I can research any problems. Had a Granada years ago. Just changed from a Volvo because of rising fuel prices and have been very happy with my Ford Caitriona