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  1. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Thanks! I actually live in the Netherlands so maybe I will just take the car to the local Ford dealer and mention this to them, especially because the new option seems a bit pricey .
  2. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Thanks! I´ll check that though I don´t remember seeing that error.
  3. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    I suspected that the radio and battery might be connected, so I unplugged the radio cables when getting the new battery. It´s seems I´m in need of a new radio unit. Or might it be fixable? A quick question relating to the instrument cluster: I´m not sure about this but I´ve been looking at everything with suspicion since the car hadn´t started, but is it normal for the clock/km standing to be displayed all the time? Maybe it´s just because it´s dark now both times I use the car during the day, but I wasn´t sure those numbers should be displayed when I´m approaching the car I haven´t used for like 9 hours.
  4. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    No issues with starting or running since the battery change. And just to confirm that I understand you correctly, this eeprom failure is likely not connected then with the radio/nav part´s issue, is it? Or did you mean that´s also part of the instrument cluster? Hmm... the two should be somehow connected as the nav info is usually displayed at both places.
  5. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Yes it was, when I entered diagnostic mode and went through all the checks. That´s also where I say the two DTC errors. NVM EEPROM lvl FAIL 0001
  6. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Thanks. I was a bit quick with my previous response, the lights actually disappeared next time I started the car, and it´s been working ok since, in the sense that I´m not getting any strange behaviour. I don´t really remember what the battery is like, I just went to Halfords, told them to give me compatible one to what I was holding in my hands, put it into the car and was happy that the engine started. As for the the stereo unit, I removed it, and I don´t think it went blank because of loose connections, because it was quite an effort to pull those plugs, especially the one with the many small cables and the middle one (not sure what that is, but interestingly I didn´t see such cable in the youtube video about removing the unit, though that one was without the nav screen). Can you perhaps say something about the EEPROM fail issue as well? Might that be connected to the stereo/nav unit, or is that something else? So far I couldn´t find much about what to do with that. Thanks!
  7. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    So, battery replaced, the car starts again. But, the radio/nav module is still blank, and battery and engine leds are on... When I enter diagnostic mode, I get the following errors and codes, I´m wondering if you guys have any ideas about them. - I´m getting a FAIL with NVM EEPROM lvl. No clue what this means or what to do about it. - DTC 9318 Low battery - I guess this is the remainder from the old battery, because the test shows the new batter to be at 12.2V (I´ll need to figure out how to remove the code then) - DTC 9681 PATS Transceiver signal not received (not connected, damaged, wiring). I don´t really know what this is. Some other forum suggested checking fuse 61 in particular, but I can´t find that in the car´s manual. I have fuses 1 to 36 and 100 to 143 listed in there. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    I´m not sure if they checked it a month ago when they did something they call the ´small service´, I haven´t managed to reach the garage yet. Otherwise I´m stuck in front of the house now without the tools to check it or charge it, so can´t confirm whether it´s charged at the moment... But I´ll post an update when I figure something out.
  9. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Thanks for the info. UPDATE: I was planning to check the unit this morning, after going for a small shopping, and the car suddenly wouldn´t start. The dashboard lit up and the battery, engine, etc. lights stayed on, and after trying to start a couple of times even getting there seems to be a problem (flashing digits, shaking speedometer ´clock hand´). I´m contacting my local garage but I´m wondering if this might be battery+cold only, or it indicates something more serious.
  10. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Thanks! I´ll do that. I guess I don´t need special tools to get the stereo out...
  11. Mk2.5 Radio/nav Screen Blank

    Hi All, A couple of days ago, just when the freezing at night season started (in case it might be relevant), I noticed that when I open the car, the radio/nav/phone/etc. screen in the middle remains blank, whereas it usually shows the time. No change when pressing any button there, or when trying opening/starting the car again half a day later (it used to fix the going-mute-while-playing-an-mp3 issue). The car otherwise works normally, the small dashboard screen shows what it needs to. I checked the fuse (no 108 in the manual, in case it helps) but it was ok. Is there anything I can quickly do/check myself before taking it to the garage? Thanks in advance!