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  1. It's not difficult to do but worth doing right cause its a mess to fix if it come off at speed (trust me). Just go to your local body shop and ask to get it done! Only takes 15 - 20 mins if your taking it easy and ask if you can help and they probs won't even charge you!
  2. Just go to a body repair place to get them fitted! Won't cost you much and that way you know they ain't gonna fall off!
  3. Rebels Project.

    Very nice! Just had to take my mk6 1.25 fiesta off the road as the steering rack and bottom end bearing along with the piston ring in cylinder 3 exploding and deciding to fail :( like you I did a lot of led mods and interior lighting so hoping most of it will not have to be modified when I drop the 1.6 Zetec s engine in my poor wee car