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  1. Dashboard Compartment

    Thanks for the reply. That's a ridiculous price for a little clip! I think the problem may be to do with the lid. It pops open but does not raise. When I manage to get enough grip to open the lid, it will not stay open and just sags down.
  2. Hi. So, this morning I went to get my shades out of my Ford Focus Mk2 dashboard compartment/pocket thing. However, the lid did not pop open when pushed down, it just stayed there. There is nothing snapped but it seems like the spring mechanism has gone. Is this an easy fix? Or is this part easily replaceable? A quick look on eBay has not returned anything.
  3. What Is This?

    That was quick, thanks. A bit of an anticlimax!
  4. What Is This?

    Hi. I have owned Ford Focus Mk2 for nearly 2 years now. I was cleaning it today when I noticed a (socket) connection that I've overlooked until now. It's situated in the cubby hole to the right and slightly below the steering wheel. Anyone know what it is?
  5. Worst Round-About Ever?

    This looks worse on the sign than in reality. I use the magic roundabout almost every day, and it's really not that bad!
  6. So, I managed to get one of these from eBay for a good price. However, I am known to bodge jobs from time to time (not all!), so the wife won't let me do it myself. I'm just wondering if there's anyone in or around the Swindon area who would do this for a nominal fee? Yes, I know a garage would do it but no doubt I'll have a sore bottom afterwards, metaphorically speaking. I'm also trying to be.... let's just say... thrifty.
  7. Heater Blower Motor.

    Thanks. Much obliged. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Heater Blower Motor.

    Sorry to be a pest and excuse my ignorance but....does it matter whether the car has a/c or not? Are the units still the same? Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Heater Blower Motor.

    Okay, thanks. Perhaps it's best to get the updated version. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  10. Heater Blower Motor.

    To be clear, I was looking for replacement parts on eBay. I found slightly different part numbers i.e the last two letters. I wondered if anyone knew what the difference was? Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  11. Heater Blower Motor.

    I am looking to replace this particular part. However, there seem to be two different letters after the part number. One is 3M5H-18456-FC, the other is 3M5H-18456-FB. What's the difference? My car is a Focus Mk2 '05 Titanium. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Air Blower Fan

    Cheers! I too have fairly small limbs and hands. Perhaps I can duct tape a torch to my head and have another go. I don't fancy taking the whole dash off. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  13. Air Blower Fan

    Thanks for the reply btw. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Air Blower Fan

    I removed the glove box to have a look but it seems really awkward to get to the fan unit. Did you have to remove more of the dash? Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Air Blower Fan

    Hi. I'm new to these forums and I'm looking for some advice. I have a Focus Mk2 (2005) Titanium spec. I brought the car and it came with a warranty but this has since expired. Anyway, during the warranty period I became aware of a knocking sound coming from under the dash when cornering. I narrowed this down to the air blower fan. I took it into the garage. The guy said that the fan propeller was loose and he tightened it. No need to replace the unit. This seemed to do the trick. However, now the noise has come back but I don't have a warranty anymore. Did the unit actually need replacing after all? I rang my usual garage who said that it sounded like it needed replacing. He said this could cost £200! The fan is working fine though, just the propeller seems loose. Again! Anyone with any experience of this? I've Googled it but have struggled to find any information. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Ford OC mobile app