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  1. My Before And After Rear End

    haha thankfully not
  2. My Before And After Rear End

    thanks man, tints and lowering springs are next on the list
  3. My Before And After Rear End

    I just wanted to show that it is possible to get the parts from the zetec s bodykit for cheap on a zetec or style. Just takes a lot of waiting and searching ebay. I bought the diffuser and side parts for £70 off ebay and painted the side bits and fitted them myself. The spoiler was also bought of ebay second hand and painted for around £200. Not bad considering the crazy prices ford wanted.
  4. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    I have a five door mk7 and fitted the spoiler. Really easy to do, just a stretch to get the wire for brake light connected again. Cost me £80 to get it painted from frozen white to colorado red.
  5. Eibach Redline Springs For Fiesta Mk7?

    thanks for the responses, Im on the eibach pro kit at the minute which is 30mm drop. Looks like i will be getting coil overs in the future. I was told by some websites selling springs that any thing over 70mm on springs is too low, hahaha, they will say anything for a sell.
  6. I seen these "special edition" eibach springs which lower the rear around 45mm and the front 35mm. Has any one tried these out? I was thinking of getting these, but surely lowering the car this low this much on just lowering springs would be stupid? Here is the link for them: www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-REDLINE-Special-Edition-Level-Springs-by-Eibach_16246.jsp&pic=5
  7. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    the rear looks class how did you get the chrome above the number plate off, or did you paint it? I hate that chrome bit on mine haha
  8. Fiesta Mk7/8 Side Skirts

    Heres skirts for 5 door 2013 onwards, but i don't see why they wouldn't fit the 2012 model http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_5_door_Side_skirt_kit_left_hand_side_-_2013_onwards_-_1803000_F1803000-102
  9. Mk7 Rear Spoiler Removal

    thanks alot man, ive never seen that guide before
  10. Mk7 Rear Spoiler Removal

    I was planning on removing the fiesta mk7 spoiler for the zetec s spoiler. There is 4 torx screws to remove and 2 bolts. But im struggling to find the correct bolts that need to be removed haha. I think its the two shown in the pictures below. im just wandering if these are the right ones, because they are in the awkwardest place. Ive looked at the instructions and other threads but couldnt find an answer. Cheers
  11. My Fiesta Project

    really nice fiesta, love the blue and white stripes! is this a 1,25?
  12. Fiesta Mk7

    i took out the headlamp but the clips or on solid and i cant get them to move, did you take out the fog light itself to get at the clips?
  13. Fiesta Mk7

    cheers man
  14. Fiesta Mk7

    stupid question, but how do you get the fog surrounds off?
  15. Dress Up Kit

    yea they should sell quick enough, did you go directly to ford for the side skirts?