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  1. Are They Being Prats Or Is It Just Me??

    Nah, think I'll just hold onto it, may find I need it in the end
  2. Are They Being Prats Or Is It Just Me??

    In my book they had mis-sold it - I rang them not long after ordering it and the bloke said fine, order was cancelled, but I'd have to wait a bit for the paypal refund cos the office girl wasn't there…turned out not to be cancelled..and sent it to me, cost me £30 incl 7 for the transport, if I send it back that'll probably cost me a fiver, so I'm out £12 odd quid for their mistake , might just ebay it, can't be bothered with them any more. I reckon they made a clerical mistake and now don't want to admit to it and are just being arses. never know I might get 2 people bidding who really want one and a bidding war ensues!!
  3. Are They Being Prats Or Is It Just Me??

    Just to clarify..the mention of mick85 is of genuine gratitude - occured to me that it may sound as if I was blaming him for me using that company..I wasn't, I was just sayin thanks for his help initially! :)
  4. Thanks to some advice from mick85 on here, I found myself using RA Motors Ltd Breakers for a part I thought I needed.. I ordered it and then pretty much cancelled it straight away 15 minutes after - with the same bloke who took the order, who to be fair to him was happy to do so and perfectly polite and helpful - after removing the one I had from the car, realised it was working, just needed some pursuasion! Trouble then, next day - no refund and they've decided to deliver it anyway to my neighbour! Now I have to send it back to them at my cost and get the part price refunded only (no delivery refund) Are they being !Removed! or is it me? rant over
  5. just took blower motor out, was a bit stiff so gave it a few spins, plugged it back in and all running ok for the moment…might give it a splash of WD40 for luck, but at the moment fingers crossed..thanks a lot for your help mick85
  6. had a look in there, i can see some gears moving as well as hear each of the flap motors operating when switching between footwell, face and windscreen..or what I assume are the flap motors..I think they're ok, just no fan blowing it seems..
  7. yea, sorry its a 07 registered but the older style with a 56 plate, cheers I'll try an have a look tomoz
  8. Sorry mick85, I'm not sure what you mean..pollen filter was under the bonnet..took that off already and did nothing. there was nothing that I could see else in that area.. which door you talking about? I had a pretty good look in the area I've pictured and am none the wiser! sorry..
  9. Sorry for the silence, crazy busy season at work..so..this is what I see when glovebox is out , is what your referring to here ? There's nothing in the pollen filter area so assume is here somewhere..
  10. thanks but that did nothing.. I tried it with heater off and heater on as well..
  11. I said in earlier post there was a small airflow, I think that may have just been movement from driving, as theres nothing whilst stationary..
  12. just seen a mk3 2004-7 panel with a auto button on it, in the place where mine is a 'on' button..tried the above, nothing happened at all..barking up the wrong tree I think..
  13. Pollen filter quite dirty but not made a difference. Should I try the following..? "On the E(A)TC module, briefly PRESS the "OFF" and "FOOTWELL" buttons simultaneously for at least 2 seconds, then PRESS "AUTO" within 1.5 seconds. The self-diagnosis which then starts lasts a few seconds. An animated display appears in the E(A)TC display during this time. Any faults found are displayed in the form of trouble codes. Example: First of all, "93" flashes for 2 seconds, then "42" flashes for 2 seconds - DTC 9342. If no faults are stored, then all of the segments in the display are actuated. The following table gives information on the possible DTCs and their corresponding meanings. Diagnosis mode can be stopped at any time by PRESSING any button on the E(A)TC module." only problem - I don't seem to have a "AUTO" button..? help!
  14. Thanks, I'll check it out