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  1. Instrument Panel Board

    Moderators can use that guide as they want. If you prefer, I can send a source power point to modify/correction or expansion.
  2. Instrument Panel Board

    Yes, I was very lucky but even determined to resolve this problem. A very big and decisive help come from this forum. I give a very big thanks to jeebowhite, Stoney871, JW1982 and IINexusII for helped me. Thank you very much !!
  3. Instrument Panel Board

    GO !!!! I resolved !!!! Panel works fine !!!!! These are steps that I did: DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend people to do this. I am not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. What follows is done by professionals with professional instruments, according to the state of the art. 1. Unmount Panel (until electronic board). 2. Resolder every component, connector, even microcontroller (with cold air welder). I did this with professional welder, temperature stabilized. I don't touch led solder, because is very easy damage it not instantaneously. Even microcontroller is a delicate point. 3. Clean surface of board. I read many article of people that use chemicals to clean board. This is a very delicate step, because electronic board is covered by "conformal coating", that is a surface protection made from manufacturer at the end of product production. It's used for avoid that humidity pierce into board, components and connections. Its avoid even malfunctioning caused by humidity and condense. I don't advise clean board, but if strictly necessary is correct using a not aggressive materials with brush. I tried a well brand product know as contact cleaner in a corner of board. Conformal coating is removed totally. You can see this looking backlight. This could cause problems after. In general contact cleaner is a good thing, but not in this case (this is my opinion). With this steps my problem is resolved and panel works fine.
  4. Instrument Panel Board

    I am very happy to give help to someone. When I met this group, many users as you gave to me help. So at the same way, I am very happy to do the same things. I'll back soon with step by step photo :-) Regards p.s. If i'll resolve this problem, I'll owe a beer at some point to you and all forum users :-)
  5. Instrument Panel Board

    I FOUND !!! Is necessary pull pointer from base. I used 2 knife as shown in this picure. I rotated knife in opposite spin together. Is verey important take a mark on pointer direction and position. My english is orrible and I am very happy if someone could take some corrections. http://imageshack.com/a/img850/5601/p0d9.jpg
  6. Instrument Panel Board

    Yes, I am unmounting pannel, but I don't know how remove pointers of instruments. It is necessary to acces on bottom side of PCB (to solder connector pins). I tried to pull, but nothing...I suppose it is not a good idea...I found in other topics other models and procedures, but nothing fitted to my model.. Could anyone help me? http://imageshack.com/a/img812/1380/9dv9.jpghttp://imageshack.com/a/img22/7821/ebir.jpghttp://imageshack.com/a/img513/8651/ibwy.jpg
  7. Instrument Panel Board

    I suppose that my mechanic goes in to confusion !!! I spoke with him and he told me that he was not able to erase past keys. He spent 9 of 10 attempts available (without asking to me). I stopped him just in time. I have the last chance. He told me that took same procedures used for install new panel (2 hours). Reading answers in this forum, I'm supposing he doesn't know right way. I know why Italy is falling down...I am almost close to try myself :-), I am sure I'll make better than my mechanics... Forum members and moderators here are hundreds times competent that "professionals"...professionals and competence are here, made from people with great passion.. The last chance before buy new part (€680), is retake every weld on my old pannel... I give to everyone helped me a very big thanks, for patients, competence and advice.
  8. Instrument Panel Board

    Thank you jeebowhite and jw1982 :) . My mechanic is ford authorized so I suppose he has everything to program and generate a correct paired. I am not mechanic but I suppose that it is not impossible...Ford Mechanic told to me that Instrument Cluster is paired, because it is powered on, but He tried "many hours" (as he told me) to paired key. Car does'nt power on... I am going to him and ask detailed informations and I'ii write here :-) Thank you very much for your precious support
  9. Instrument Panel Board

    Thank you jeebowhite. Whit your opinion, is impossible solve this problem?? Do you know someone that solved this problem with used pannel and not only for luky chance?? Online there are many panels used and I suppose is critical buy them. At this point, only resolution is buy a new pannel ?? Thank you in advance and I do apologize for my english. Regards
  10. Instrument Panel Board

    I found myself an used panel with same part number and model. My mechanic tried to install it but told to me that car/panel fails key identification...I do not have a lot of confidence...
  11. Instrument Panel Board

    Thank you ! I'll try to unmount and clean. I'll check component's, connector and weld. Regards !!
  12. Instrument Panel Board

    Thank you jeebowhite. I have a electronic knowledge (I am professional electronic designer) but I don't know if unmount the board is a risk about mechanical parts and their movements (tachimeter or other). I found a same part number used and full functionally. Can I use directly or is necessary remove programming , for example key association?? Is it easy for my Ford authorized mechanic ?? Thank you and sorry for my english. Regards
  13. Instrument Panel Board

    My ford focus (2009 year) has a problem. When I turn on the car, after 10 minutes LCD display of instrument panel (between speedometer and tachometer) write "engine failure with an exclamation point. My mechanic told me that the problem is the electronics board of the instrument panel (Part Number 8U4T-1049-EJ.). Indeed, when this message appears, if I slightly bend the electronic board or I give a light shot, it disappears. I am looking for eletric scheme of PCB boards and take a look with some instruments. Or if someone could help me... Thank you in advance.