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  1. Gulf Racing Colours

    Hi all, getting a strange urge to have my 1.7 Puma re sprayed in Gulf colours ?! Anyone out there done this or indeed seen one out and about ? Don't want to change wheels or anything else extreme to engine etc. thought maybe wheel would be nice orange ? Am I asking to be laughed at ?! I think the shape of the car would suit the colours though, looked online and there's some obviously ridiculous cars with this livery, thoughts anyone ? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Squeaks On A 2001 1.7

    Cheers ! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Squeaks On A 2001 1.7

    Never purposely sprayed them but never really heard it much during wet weather, it's getting embarrassing when turning into car parks at low speed ! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Squeaks On A 2001 1.7

    Hi all I've had a bit of a metallic grind at car park speeds only when turning left, I've had new discs fitted as my mechanic reckons it was them causing the prob , this didn't sort it and it seems to be worse on a dry day, I've now developed a squeak type noise whilst driving that comes from somewhere in front of the driver? It isn't present whilst not moving any one got any clues and whether they are connected ? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Puma Misting Up

    Hi everyone I've read lots about heaters not blowing hot or cold, mine is really hot on most settings until it gets into the blue when it does blow out cold, the problem I've got is almost immediately all the windows mist up after stopping the engine and sitting in car, in particular the rear screen is particularly bad , the carpets were wet when I got the car but I took them out and dried them thoroughly , any idea where to start ? Thanks
  6. 1.7 Puma Mpg

    I'd been getting about 33 around the town, to be honest it was a really bad journey loads of side winds and rain so it was pretty comfortable to keep at that speed when I did push it a bit it felt a bit light at the front, haven't owned it long and wasn't sure of its capabilities, got it booked in to sort out the rust spots around the arches etc. decided to see if I can keep the car running for as long as possible, my last Ford was a Cortina back in the 80s ! Something solid and honest with Fords that I'd forgot about
  7. 1.7 Puma Mpg

    Hi everyone just wondering if the fuel economy I've just achieved yesterday is good, done a two way trip of 228 miles and using an app on my phone indicates I achieved 47 MPG ? I purposely kept the revs to just under 3000 about 60 mph as this was my first motorway run since I got the car and not long after a new set of belts etc. We also have a Fiat 500 which achieves the same economy overall , I was really pleased to get the same from the Puma is this unusual ?
  8. What Have You Bought Your Ford For Christmas

    Just booked my Puma in to get the rust sorted out on the arches etc and a bit of a re spray costing £600 ! Most expensive prezzie by far !!!!!!!!
  9. Puma 3 Button Key Fob

    Sorry, not normally this thick !
  10. Puma 3 Button Key Fob

    Key doesn't have any lights on it does that mean it's a radio frequency one ? It's three buttons
  11. Hi folks thought I'd sorted this problem by following reprogramming guides online but seems not ?! Only had car a short while car opened and closed only when I was really near it , so I got a new battery but shop tested my old one and it was new too , now when I use it it won't open or close sometimes , followed reprogramming but never got the beep or fog light going on etc ( car opens and locks fine with key ) realise it's not life or death stuff , but anyone suggest something else ? Ps it's a 2001 1.7
  12. Just Got A 1.7 Puma

    It's the only fix at this time of year mate !
  13. Just Got A 1.7 Puma

    That's reassuring, thanks James it's going in on Wednesday for a full service told my mate to check everything , ages since I've been excited by a car !
  14. Just Got A 1.7 Puma

    Thanks James how much do you reckon for the part ?
  15. Just Got A 1.7 Puma

    Yes it's at very low speed when applying almost lock for slow turning mainly left manoeuvres ?