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  1. 03 Focus Help!?

    I should have it if not its my own fault lol. I got a bloke who going to check it out sometime this week will keep you guys informed once he has had a look at it thanks everyone for your help!.
  2. 03 Focus Help!?

    it wasn't a main dealer but by no means is it a "backstreet garage". But yeah gauge worked fine under the test
  3. 03 Focus Help!?

    I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and take it to a garage.. Done the gauge test which was fine all the dials sweeped. they replaced the fuel pump, sender unit that I'm not too sure off. seemed fine before it was serviced?
  4. 03 Focus Help!?

    I used the cluster diagnostics and there the codes it displays I dont have any diagnostics device myself.
  5. 03 Focus Help!?

    Hi mate thanks very much for your reply. I have another code come up which is 9318 low battery voltage but I think this is just still stored on the system from when my previous battery was playing up . Hopefully it is just a incorrectly installed fuel filter I'll have to get under the car and have a look in the morning so thanks for pointing that out I never thought of that because thats definitley a part they replaced. The car seems to be running fine other than the fuel gauge playing up. Also I forgot to mention the car was sat on my drive off road for 3-4 months could that be a contributing factor? thanks in advance.
  6. 03 Focus Help!?

    Hi everyone this is my first post so please be nice :) I have a 03 1.6 focus its had a brand new battery, just sailed through its mot and just been serviced last week. The fuel gauge is reading as full then drops all the way down to empty with the petrol light on and engine light on. Last week the engine light was flickering so the RAC bloke plugged his diagnostics kit in and said that it wouldn't let him in. I've tried the on board diagnostics and its coming up with DTC code 9202. I've searched the internet for hours and keeping seeing posts about the fuel pump, I only replaced the fuel pump last year so surely it cannot be that? .Any help is greatly apprectiated thanks.