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  1. Mk1 Fiesta Or Is It?

    Here are some pictures of my mk1 fiesta!! Opinions please.
  2. Mk1 Fiesta Or Is It?

    okay so this dash is similar and im the second owner and know the first owner and she is a little old women who used it to go back and forth to the shops it has never had anything done to it ever the car is in very good condition runs very well it has little miles nothing hes ever needed to be changed so i know if anything as been changed this is why im asking because she bought it new and cheap at a ford sales place because it was the older modal she didnt even know that any thing was different from a standard modal when we asked her about it!
  3. Mk1 Fiesta Or Is It?

    it has an xr2 dashboard i just want to know if there are any mk1 fiesta that they released that match this and if its worth any money im young and i want drop the car and do stuff to the engine genrally do the car up i have supersport alloys already i will post picture in the morning but id like to know weather its standard or not this will affect me doing car up how i want or restoring it? and weather this car is rare? i know this car sounds odd but me and my dad are stumped and we have been looking for answers and found nothing!
  4. Mk1 Fiesta Or Is It?

    i own a mk1 fiesta but there's a problem the car is classed as a mk1 on all the paper work and was made in 83 which was the last year they made the mk1 and the shell and interiour is mk1 but everything else is mk2 e.g. lights,bonnet, grill, bumpers, skirts and doors and more and people always correct me when i say its a mk1 my opinion is that it was one of the last to come off production and they just fitted mk2 parts to the car the car has not been touched since it left the factory but im just not sure if its a late fiesta modal or just really rare someone please reply with an answer before i do work to it and ruin the value?