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  1. thks I do actually like it myself its great fun and turns heads well, But I had an rs500 bk in the 80s and promised myself to get one again when I was able to financially, and I'm in that lucky position again now, it's a real missile when turbo cranksup, treat yourself for xmas. :) Merry xmas
  2. Hi yes it is mk1 Had some serious money spent on it as well around 7k in mods and rebuild with receipts, i dont plan on keeping the car I'm after an rs500 looking for a nice one now. Tried it on flee bay but just idiots who don't understand it's worth, is there a section on here for cars for sale? Or a site u would recomended to try Thanks for the warm welcome everyone And merry xmas all
  3. Just undergone full engine rebuild Cost 15k to build mental pocket rocket Featured 5 Page spread in fast ford Coming up for sale soon
  4. Hi can anyone shed any light on were the owner who had my ka built is now would love to have a chat and show him how the car is now
  5. Rs turbo ka 220 bhp just been rebuilt over 15k spent on this pocket rocket Shortly to be up for sale