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  1. Focus 07 Wiring Loom

    UPDATE . So I changed the three spark plugs no change , changed the coil everything running normal .. for now. I dont want to touch anything else just yet
  2. Focus 07 Wiring Loom

    I havnt got round to it yet a friend said to me today have you checked the spark plugs , well no because the misfire seems to be caused by the coil pack {worn wires } . I done the test where you run the engine and pull out a spark plug lead and if the engine dips thats the faulty one , ok so far so good .the first one the engine dips ..yay found the problem strange thing is tho the car idles with just that lead in the other three pulled out i mean all out the same time and no dip in the engine .. 3 plugs leads off is that possible ??
  3. Focus 07 Wiring Loom

  4. Focus 07 Wiring Loom

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-coil-pack-3-way-plug-or-connector-repair-kit-FREEPOST/172039774306?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D49138%26meid%3Dd75354c07d734d569733fa7ca33976b7%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D322974393792&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982 Could this be the answer ??
  5. Focus 07 Wiring Loom

    Hi All , Running terribly , no power then power , Previously was the loom in to the coil pack causing the problems , same thing again ,the diagnostic guy managed to sort it but tells me i need to get some more loom cut back as far as i can as the problem may/probably re-occur , I dont fancy traipsing around the scrappys tbh and have seen some looms on eBay with tags on with codes etc , can anyone on here help with a code maybe , Cheers James
  6. Strange Dash Fault?

    Hi Peter, I have double checked visually all around the engine bay no signs of damage/water etc The leads all got changed the same time as the coil pack as well as brand new spark plugs. Is there a throttle body sensor I can replace seen a few on ebay but can't exactly find where about in the engine bay it is? i'm clutching at straws now as I cannot find anything obvious wrong with the wiring etc and surely it cant be the coil pack/leads again. Thanks, Jim
  7. Strange Dash Fault?

    i have not noticed any water about but will be giving a thorough check tomorrow around the harness and battery areas all new leads an plugs a couple of years ago less than 5 or 6 K mileage
  8. Strange Dash Fault?

    Cheers Peter , another coil pack it is then , about 3 years ago i put a Bosch coil pack and ngk spark plugs , about 14 months ago i changed the pack for a non branded one,
  9. Strange Dash Fault?

    Hi, These are the dtc's showing from the laptop, I also run a live test monitoring the throttle voltages and cars rpm which seems to dip to about 600 quite a lot almost causing it to stall as its usually idling around 1000, from the dtcs it looks like coil pack problems again and throttle sensor issue which i've not come across before. Any advice on my next steps please? thanks a lot, Jim
  10. Strange Dash Fault?

    Too hot to have another go , not sure if in demo mode i think it was the real deal. i double clicked as it said and things came in box then died ., :( at least i am having a go . i wouldn't had the confidence without your help .. will try again soon ,,, Sorry yes .plugged in the car
  11. Strange Dash Fault?

    well i got to number 8 .. was going ok then lappy died lol
  12. Strange Dash Fault?

    Sorry forgot to say its a 1.6 focus titanium 07 plate , i have been wanting to change my spoiler for a silver bigger one the how to is brilliant that will be a job i could do
  13. Strange Dash Fault?

    Hi Peter , i think it may have been p303, i new it had a 0 and 3 in it , what put me off was having to download stuff for the elm 327 and when i plugged in the car was terrified of touching anything in case something went wrong
  14. Strange Dash Fault?

    Hi peter, apologies for the reply . could not find it tbh lol ,, i did get my son to use his OBD hand held and it was 2003 i think,pointing to maybe the coil pack or leads , I have changed the coll pack twice in the last three years , once with new leads,, so he turned the EML light off, the next day [thursday] it came back on .. what i meant by "holding it down" was the trip button to reset the mileage to zero as you are aware if you switch on the car whist holding it down it goes into a sweep mode then by pressing it it goes thru other modes which i have no idea what they mean but this turns the light off,. on friday drove from Merseyside to Dundee no problem but the return journey on the sunday the EML came back on minutes later, the reset didnt work this time the car drove fine, stopped at Carlisle for 30 minutes got back in to continue and the EML was out has not been on since ..... i did buy an ELM 327 from this site but was far to complicated for an dinosaur like me Regards Jim
  15. Strange Dash Fault?

    Thats weird something similar happened to me this morning,5 minutes into driving stopping at lights the car just cut out and upon restarting the EML came on,followed by the seat belt warning beeps ,not mine the passenger side ?? and i was alone .. was ok if i held it down but EML still on would that be a cluster problem ,,