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  1. Still Learning!

    Ahh I see!
  2. Passenger Door!

    Problem solved! Feel like a dingbat though, it was as simple as the seatbelt being caught in the door! Didn't even see that when I looked! Anyway cheers for the advice!
  3. Still Learning!

    Can anybody inform me of how to change/update my profile using the app on iPhone? Cheers
  4. Passenger Door!

    The temperature hasn't changed much in about a month it's cold but not majorly freezing! 11degrees at the minute!
  5. Passenger Door!

    There's a dodgy earth on the battery had to wiggle it a few times to get the car started over the last couple of weeks? Is that anything to do with it?
  6. Passenger Door!

    It's only just done it today, it's been a bit stiff recently and now it won't open what so ever?
  7. Hi, I'm very new to this so not entirely sure if this is right? I've got a 2003 3 door focus with remote central locking. The passenger door is locking and unlocking correctly (I can hear this) but the door won't open, both handles feel as if they are not catching in anything and it won't open from inside or out! Help please any ideas of how to fix it?