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  1. Thanks Mike, Managed to pull the plastic cover off - thanks for advice. However, I went one better than you as I managed to break both of the clips that are nearer the heater controls !! On closer inspection - not a very good design. But as you say, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever when re-fitting as the cover fits very securely without them so I don't really know why they bother with these two clips in first place. Bad news is that despite applications of grease and silicone lubricant in various places, the squeaky creaking sound is still there. It sound like it's coming from the gear lever itself which is odd. Unless the issue is further down the linkage mechanism and the sound is just reverberating back up the lever ?
  2. Tyre Repair Kit And Foam Insert

    If you can a few quid for the gunk in eBay then you're doing well. Personally I can't imagine anyone would be interested in purchasing that load of useless !Removed! !! It has a limited expiry date and if you use it for just a small puncture, then wave goodbye to the tyre as most repairers won't touch it and you end up forking out for a new tyre. For a large puncture, especially if it's affecting the side wall, then it's completely ineffective anyway. I replaced the repair kit on my Fiesta with a space saver tyre and jack - cost me about £50 off eBay. Tyre had never been used and the jack was in excellent condition. Far better and cheaper solution than the kit as you'll have to spend £40+ every few years to replace the gunk after it's gone past the expiry date. The only thing I kept was the compressor - gauge is not too accurate, but otherwise a useful compact piece of kit.
  3. Hi, I have a 58/59 Mk7 Fiesta Zetec. On occasions I'm getting a squeaky / creaky sound when I move the gear lever from 1st to 2nd, or 3rd to 4th or 3rd to 2nd - ie any downward movement. I'm pretty sure all it needs is a bit grease, lubricant or WD40 around the mechanics, but I need to remove the hard plastic cover surrounding the base of the gear lever to get access . It looks like it's in two pieces, but I'm pretty sure all I need is to do is to remove the cover nearest the lever. I'm assuming this just pulls off as I can't see any screws, (there are some on the larger separate panel nearer the front). It appears very firmly fixed and I'm afraid of doing damage if pull too hard ! Anyone had any experience of removing this panel ? And if so does it require brute force or is there a knack with doing it ? John
  4. Deadlocking

    Deadlocks don't work on both driver and passenger front doors. Don't think I've got antihijack activated.
  5. Deadlocking

    Thanks for that info - I'll ask at our local Ford dealer and see if they know anything about that. Mind you, they'll probably charge me for it big time !! Oddly enough, I did a further experiment this morning - found out that the rear doors deadlock, just not the front ones. The rear doors are the traditional wind down type, the front ones are electric - not sure if this has anything to do with it.
  6. Deadlocking

    Any ideas on why deadlocking isn't working on my 58 plate fiesta zetec? I leave the driver's window down and lock the car by pressing the lock button on the key fob twice - the indicator lights flash twice. I then ensure the key fob is nowhere near my car - just in case any signals from it interfere with anything. Then leaning in through the open window, I can unlock the door by using the internal door handle. surely this shouldn't be possible ?? I repeat this exercise on my wife's 09 plate focus and deadlocking works as I can't open the door using the internal handle.
  7. Windscreen Plastic Trim

    No - the plastic trim that runs down the side of the windscreen.
  8. Windscreen Plastic Trim

    Was washing my Mk 7 Fiesta today and noticed that the passenger side black plastic windscreen trim is a little loose. It's fairly easy to pull it away - on the drivers side it's firmly fitted. Anyone else got this problem and is it something I should be worried about - will water seep in somewhere if shouldn't ??
  9. I have a 58 plate Mk 7 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 which I bought second hand in August 2013. Really pleased with it, but one little niggle. Every time I go over speed bumps, (slowly), I get a creaking sound from the front end of the car - appears to be on the nearside but hard to locate exactly. It's only when the front wheels go over the bump. I sometimes get this noise when traveling along and the nearside goes over a bit of uneven road surface. Had it checked out at the garage where I bought it from - they checked suspension, bearings, anti roll bars etc.... but couldn't tell me what it was. Any ideas ?? John