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  1. Sad Ending For The Xr2I

    well guys.... to much scunnering and sadness to myself i have to get rid of my project build as its costing me way too much xr2i mk3 fiesta all parts up for sale if anyone is looking i havnt mastered photo bucket yet for pictures but i would assume all that reads this knows whats in the car and what its called... engine and engine loom also ecu gone... all other parts still available i will apologise just now if this is in the wrong place but my state of mind is not rite while writing this msg..... i dont get a chance to go on this site often so if anyone wants to mail me thats fine jimmymarnie@hotmail.com or 07770778335 cheers buzz
  2. Xr2I

    how the heck do you upload pictures on my thread.....am i thick or am i missing something... any help would be nice cheers
  3. how do i upload photos to my thread?

  4. Xr2I

    i tried to put pictures up but didnt let me....will try again now sorry for the delay laptops knackered and tablets burnt out due to eccessive use from my 5 year old will try again today
  5. Xr2I

    heres my xr2i build this thing has been the bain of my life for the last 6 months but its slowly getting here let me know what you think all comments and issues are appreciated andtakenon boad cheers for looking guys
  6. First Fiesta

    it was heading for the scrapyard but couldnt pass up the chance to save a ford......its seen better daysfinished welding the floor and rubbing down will try upload some photos as i gocheers jim
  7. First Fiesta

    hi all names james and i have just got a mk3 fiesta xr2i 16v..... this cars seen better days but will get some pictures up soon as the project gets underway.... this car has no windows half an interior no starter no alternator and an engine thats not been started for about 4 years so in for a bumpy ride with this one, and will probably be askin a hell of a lot of questions as time goes by so watch this space anyway just a big hello and thanks as am now part of the ford family cheers