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  1. Sorry, I forgot to write that it is petrol. It's not a turbo. Thank you for replying :)
  2. Oh the other thing about tyre noise - my noise is even louder on smooth roads because there isn't all the other road noise over the top. I've been told that tyre noise should be more quiet on smooth surfaces
  3. Hi, I really, really need some help. I am at an absolute loss and I am desperate for some help. My car has gone to two different Ford dealers 6 times, and neither of them can figure out what the noise is. The noise - it is like a high pitched, whirring/whining noise that I hear loudly at 100kph (62mph), at 2750rpm. When I go up a hill, it gets a bit louder. It is occasionally noticeable at 60kph (37mph), but it is not as loud and I have to focus to hear it. It only makes the noise when my foot is on the accelerator. As soon as I take my foot off, it stops. When driving on the highway at 100kph (which I do daily), it is like a mosquito sitting in my ear, and it is driving me up the wall. It started in mid September out of the blue, and starts, without fail, every time I hit 100kph. It is loudest in the drivers seat (front right). Also, when I start my car up for the first time that day, put it in neutral and take my foot off the clutch - it makes another high pitched whine (related? The car - 2010 Ford Fiesta CL Hatch, 1.6L engine. Done ~36,000km and the tyres still have enough tread, with no uneven wearing. Had it's service 2 weeks ago. The Ford mechanics can't figure out what it is, they tell me that they have looked at everything. To placate me, they just say that nothing is wearing, or failing, and that my safety is not at all at risk. They say that my car has excessive tyre noise, and normal gear train noise (how can something be normal if it only just started doing it after 2.5 years of use?) Yesterday I took it to a tyre specialist to look at getting my tyres replaced. He went out for a drive with me and said straight away 'that is not tyre noise, you don't have any at all'. He looked at my tyres and said I would be silly to replace them now, as they have at least another year on them before I need to start thinking about it. His mechanic asked me some questions and told me that he is pretty sure its the front, right wheel bearing. I don't really want to fork out AUD$800 for new tyres when they are still ok, but I can't live with this noise, nor can I sell it! I have been on google and youtube for the past 5 hours researching parts of the car and what the noise could relate to. I still feel at a loss. I still don't really understand what 'gear train noise' is all about, except that it probably means that the gear is wearing down! I've found 2 videos of gear train noise and it doesn't sound like that 'clunking' sort of noise at all. As for wheel bearing, well it doesn't rumble, it just whines, and it doesn't make the noise when breaking or slowing down, just accelerating. I'm sorry that this is such a long post, and I know that you don't know me, but I would really, really appreciate some help.