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  1. lloydyyy

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    Another local indie recommended by a family member has quoted £252 including the auxiliary belt, and their timing belt kit comes with a 5-year guarantee. My friend (quoted £240 for a Gates kit and including the auxiliary belt) who was supposed to be doing the job has had to cancel the last few weekends due to plans and other circumstances. He was meant to come on the weekend just gone but couldn't find his timing locking tool but he's able to come this week or on the weekend. Obviously I asked if he could provide a receipt to prove the work has been done (if I ever need to sell the car) and he said it shouldn't be a problem. He's no longer mobile (now works in a garage but I'm not sure if it's for someone else) but he can still do the work on my car. Would appreciate any advice. Not sure who to go with.
  2. lloydyyy

    Headlight restoration

    One of my headlights is starting to go hazy around the sidelight area. I was looking at buying this Meguiar's kit. Does anyone have any tips to restore the headlights to almost as new condition? Thanks.
  3. lloydyyy

    Fiesta Mk6.5 - few questions

    I forgot to mention - the air con was on at the time
  4. My Mk6.5 failed its MOT on Saturday - one of the CV boots had split. My local indie replaced it today and the cost came to £90 including labour, parts and tracking. Does this sound reasonable? Also, I noticed that there was what looked like a leak coming from the front of the car. Doesn't seem to be a leak from the pipe as such, but maybe condensation running down from somewhere and then dripping onto the floor. I think it's possibly condensation from the receiver tank. I'm getting the timing belt changed on Saturday so I might have this 'leak' checked out at the same time. What are your thoughts?
  5. lloydyyy

    Exhaust heat shield

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. The indie threw the heat shield away but as far as I know the original bolts and washers are still in place. A brand new replacement heat shield is only about £12 on eBay. If the original bolts and washers are too corroded to re-use, can anyone point me in the direction of a replacement set?
  6. lloydyyy

    Exhaust heat shield

    On my way to work last week I heard a rattling coming from underneath the car. When I got to work, I looked underneath the car and noticed the heat shield had dropped - it's this one. The car had to go to the local indie for a coolant leak check anyway and they just pulled the heat shield out and threw it away. When I asked if I need to replace it they said not to bother and they pull loads of heat shields off cars all the time. My question is, do I need to get it replaced? The car is an 08 Fiesta Mk6.5.
  7. lloydyyy

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    Blinking 'eck, I thought it was 10 years rather than 8. I best get it changed. A friend of mine is a mobile mechanic with a good reputation so he'll change the timing belt with the car outside of the house. He's quoted £220 for a new belt kit including water pump. My local indie quoted £375. I don't want to take a chance and wait for the car to reach 100k - that'll be at least another year with my current annual mileage.
  8. lloydyyy

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    Thanks for the replies. It's a 1.25 petrol. I've had the car since it was 3-years old, it's now 10-years old and has done about 87k miles. I plan to keep the car for as long as possible. I'll check the condition of the timing belt but I was wondering if it should be replaced due to age rather than mileage at this point.
  9. lloydyyy

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    My 2008 Mk6.5 Fiesta is due a timing belt change - I think it's due in June but I might have to bring it forward as the water pump is leaking slightly. Is the timing belt interval 10 years or 8 years? The car's done about 87k miles so the belt needs to be changed due to age rather than mileage.
  10. lloydyyy

    Brakes - a few questions

    I rang my local indie earlier and they said they bled the brakes before with a pressurised bleeder as the new fluid would go through the ABS unit anyway, and a friend of mine who's a mechanic mentioned the same thing. The rear brake shoes haven't been tended to in a while so I'll set aside a day to see how worn they are, and replace the shoes or as a minimum give the setup a clean and bleed the brakes.
  11. lloydyyy

    Brakes - a few questions

    Ah, this sucks. I never knew that for a Mk6 Fiesta. Haynes manual hasn't any mention of it nor did my local indie say anything either (just a normal bleed as far as I know). The brakes were bled in 2014 and 2016, both by local indies using a pressurised bleeder as far as I know. From all the sources I've had info from I was honestly under the impression to use a pressurised bleeder so that old fluid/air isn't forced back into the ABS unit.
  12. lloydyyy

    Tyre recommendations

    I checked the pressures and they were about 36 PSI, so I let some air out to drop the pressure to 29 PSI. After a few days they seem to be gripping a lot better but it sounds like they'll get better as time goes on and as they wear a bit more.
  13. lloydyyy

    Brakes - a few questions

    It was done at my local indie, whom I thought would've done it properly anyway. They didn't mention anything about the ABS unit. I couldn't find any info in the Haynes manual - perhaps they missed it out? I found some info on this thread - there wasn't a mention of the Mk6 Fiesta.
  14. lloydyyy

    Brakes - a few questions

    Thanks for all of the replies, I really appreciate it. The brakes were last bled in November 2016 when I had the calipers replaced, and I'm fairly certain it was all new fluid. I checked the brake fluid level last night and it was at the maximum marker so I don't think there's a fluid leak anywhere. I'll take the brake drums off the car to see the state of the brakes. If the shoes don't need replacing, would it be worth just giving everything a good clean and putting it back together?
  15. lloydyyy

    Brakes - a few questions

    The brakes on my Mk6.5 Fiesta don't seem as sharp as they were a month or so ago. There's plenty of fluid in the reservoir and the brakes were last bled in November 2016. The discs and pads were last replaced in April 2016 so there's plenty of meat left on those. Would it be worth checking the drum brakes and maybe bleeding the brakes again? The car has only done about 87k miles. If the brake shoes do need replacing, what sort of tools would I need? Would I need to buy a fitting kit as well? Thanks again for your help