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  1. Fiesta Tdci (06)

    A big hammer was my first idea :P Yes I'm using new seals (was a engine swap so all injector seals were replaced) Didn't think about greasing them up, would it be best to seat them in the injector ports first or on the rocker cover?
  2. Fiesta Tdci (06)

    I'm trying to get the rocker cover back on the head and I can't seem to get the 4 rubber seals that seal the injector ports sitting in the ports Any tricks to doing it? Thanks in advance
  3. Engine Change Question

    Mean to the ecu, the donor is from a 03 plate and the needy is a 06 place, same car just the facelift, engines both have identical injectors afaik (would need to double check)
  4. Engine Change Question

    Fantastic, I had the inlet off the top today to clean the crap from round injectors ready for removal and found fresh oil (leak off pipe I think)but very little carbon build up in the well and the injector tops were very clean so looking to get then reprogrammed rather than replacing them with the ones from the old motor as it's cheaper and faster saves me time and funds
  5. Engine Change Question

    That's a large lump to play with Still can't find any info on the diesel pump, even contacted ford and they wouldn't tell me for sure
  6. Engine Change Question

    Should be clean as I removed the donor myself. Not sure what damage has been done as I can't see any damage to the block or sump but the previous owner was on the motorway when it lost all it's oil, engine starts but sounds like bottom end damage
  7. Engine Change Question

    Think that's going to be my only option Ian, was hoping to avoid as the cambelt was done less than 20k ago in the donor
  8. Engine Change Question

    This is the first diesel I've worked on but I know the petrol fiesta that the ECU/transponder and cluster are paired I'e searched high and low to find if the diesel pump is paired to the ECU but I can't find an answer
  9. Engine Change Question

    The donor is from a 03 plate so a ecu swap is not a option unless I get the cluster reprogrammed to work with the donor ECU
  10. Engine Change Question

    I've heard that the diesel fuel pump may be coded but can't find any information on this
  11. Engine Change Question

    Ah, no engine only replacement but parts on the lump are coded :) I know I need to replace the injectors from the old engine to the new one with all new seals but is there anything else? any pumps ect that are coded to the ecu
  12. Engine Change Question

    Hi, New to this forum :) I have a 06 1.4 tdci fiesta that I need to do a engine replacement on (losts all oil over motorway) I have got a donor engine to fit but have a few questions about what is coded to the ECU Besides the injectors is there anything else on the engine that needs swapped over or coded to the ECU? Thanks in advance