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  1. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Hi all, Just thought I'd put in a useful update to this. The dealer fixed the chime problem, ultimately, by what they called a "hard reset". I think this just involved leaving the battery disconnected for 10 mins... Now onto the rear off-side speaker... R
  2. Missing Manual

    I had the same problem with a 2009 focus. The Ford parts desk quoted about £35 for the owners manual alone, so I ended up buying the owners and radio manual, with the case, from eBay for about £15. I'm pretty sure all the Bluetooth stuff is in the owners manual instead of the radio manual, so that may suffice.
  3. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Ah, on further investigation, despite chimes being enabled in the menu, there isn't one when the door is opened with the ignition on. This leads me to believe either the chime unit isn't working, or all such chimes have been disabled in the ELM? The car doesn't have an odometer reset button, so am having trouble with performing the standard "dashboard trick". Are chime units prone to going pop? Is there a fuse I can check which is linked to it? (Nothing mentioned on the fuse diagram...) Cheers
  4. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Just a thought guys - should there be a sound when the drivers door opens with the ignition on? I remember that the dash displays that it is open, but I don't think there is a sound.
  5. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Thanks guys - I'll try the "dashboard trick" test tonight. I figured that the chimes were all ok as the seatbelt warning / fuel warning etc worked fine, however if there's a separate buzzer, then that might be the issue. These chimes seemed to come through the speakers, however it would make sense for this buzzer to be separate as the ignition would no longer be on at that stage.
  6. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    Exactly that warning - it's more for the OHs benefit than mine, but she's been driving my car with auto headlights permanently on for the past year, so hasn't had to worry about manually switching the lights off. The headlight icon illuminates on the instrument panel and I can't find any other problems over the entire car (apart from a weird noise on the passenger door when deadlocking...). It's definitely on headlights - just no noise. By a process of elimination, it must be the ELM settings. I don't really want to DIY it, so it's now a pain that it looks like I'll have to pay somebody (hopefully not the dealers) to put the setting back.
  7. Headlight Warning Chime Not Working

    The "chimes" option on the stalk menu is turned on. This is verified by other warning chimes working as expected. I don't know why anybody would want to turn the headlight warning chime off to be honest! Would it only be the dealers who could take a look in the ECU or can indy's get to it just as easily? I have looked at the guide, but there's no way I want to get involved in all that! This small problem is hugely annoying!
  8. Hi guys, My OH has just picked up a 2009 1.6 zetec. It's seems great so far, other than a couple of niggly problems, as described in the thread title. I have been trying to narrow it down as to why this is. So far, I have checked: The "door open" message comes up when the ignition is on and the driver's door is open;The interior light comes on when the driver's door is open and the ignition is off;All car external lights (including number plate) come on as expected;General warning "chime" sounds work (tested by seatbelt off chime and low fuel chime);The light switch itself works (obviously).I don't have any other ideas! Has anybody else come across this?
  9. Ah, after wasting more time that I thought possible on google, it appears to be a breather hose and is no biggie just to clip back on. Good news! Cheers, R
  10. Hi all, I am a new joiner to the forum, and having previously put 188k miles on a mk1 focus with very little hassle, I'm after a mk2.5 at the moment as a second car. I went for a test drive yesterday and had a good poke around. 2009 plate, FSH, 59k miles on the clock seemed to be running very well. However, when I stuck my head in the engine bay, some tubing, which runs from the top of the engine and down to the right, was disconnected at one end. It was easily shoved back on to where it came from, however I have no idea what it is or if it should have even come off / gone on so easily. I've attached a pic of a similar sigma engine highlighting the pipe in question, so any help would be very much appreciated. As a side point, the car only comes with 1 remote key (and no other key). I assume if I wanted another, then it'd be a trip to the dealership and c.£150 outlay? Cheers, Russ