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  1. Change it every 3-4 years regardless of mileage. Its not just a matter of miles, the belt deteriorates over time.
  2. Mk 2 original 1600 sport

    Turbosport forum would be a good start, plenty of lads always happy to help with valuations.
  3. burning oil

    Was it new turbo or second hand?
  4. Things I Do Like

    It's covered in heat reflective sheathing but doesn't really help much lol. I wrapped the one on my Mk1 Escort with exhaust heat wrap as it was close to the turbo.
  5. HELP! Modifications

    Air filter, straight through exhaust, remap. Don't forget to inform your insurance!
  6. Display faulty?

    If it was an Irish lorry you could well have been doing 120mph lol, they fly! What car do you own?
  7. Bleeding Brakes.

    Go drive it down a dirt or gravel road, hit the brakes hard a few times so the ABS kicks in. This will get the solenoids working and should expel some air out of the ABS pump if there is any in there. Then go bleed it again with the engine running. If this fails then maybe you have a faulty master cylinder.
  8. Yes its legal as long as the tyres are the same size on each axle ie both fronts or both rears.
  9. If you got it in February then the warranty should still stand. Good luck.

    If it's under warranty then don't worry, it's their problem to find and fit an engine if it needs one. Don't let them fob you off with excuses. Or get your money back and go elsewhere for a better car.
  11. touring cars

    I love it, I got to Oulton Park every year with a bunch of mates. Can't beat it.
  12. As Ian says, take it back if it's not fixed. The car isn't fit for purpose so demand they fix it under warranty.
  13. A local mobile valeter to me charges £30-40 for a full machine polish and he's very good.
  14. eBay Seller Woes

    I forgot about those Clive, good shout.
  15. Im sure the actuators inside the abs pump need to be activated to expel all the air from the pump.