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  1. Beading Shots!

    Do u have a shop ginger flame
  2. Beading Shots!

    Beadsss. Has any one ordered from Yorkshire car care on ebay before.
  3. Beading Shots!

    My camera just doesn't do it justice
  4. Beading Shots!

    My bad haha
  5. Beading Shots!

    My efforts after 17 hours. Megs 105 and 205 then black hole glaze then ex-p sealant then 2 coats off collinite 476s topped up with Sonax BSD. Well worth it in the end hahaha
  6. Beading Shots!

    Aw right thought ya were saying don't use water haha. Yeah I know not to buy crap clay.
  7. Beading Shots!

    Bilt hamber clay is perfectly fine to use water as clay. Bilt hamber is probably one of the best clays u can buy right.
  8. Beading Shots!

    I used bilt hamber clay bar regular last time only have to use water as lube.good stuff. Are u a member of detailing addicts on facebook
  9. Beading Shots!

    Wat clay did u use?
  10. Beading Shots!

    Oooooo nice mate. I did a 2 stage megs 105 and 205. Then black hole glaze then ex-p sealant then 2 coats off collinite 476s.
  11. Beading Shots!

    Collinite 476s
  12. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    I have a drying aid lyk demon shine when drying my car. Using a good drying towel. Autobrite reaper and auto finesse aqua deluxe are great drying towels. Also u need snow foam for ur snow lance. Normal shampoo won't foam up and clip to the car well. Try bilt hamber auto foam. Or krystal kleen detail blizzard snow foam. Also heard angelwax snow foam and autobrite magnifoam are good. Shampoo meguiars is great try gold class. Put some in ur bucket and fill using pressure washer to get the suds going
  13. Fiesta Mk6 Double Din

    This is the actual kit I bought. And too fit my pioneer I only need the fascia trim. The cage. Iso lead and ariel adapter. The cage fits into the fascia. And is fitted into the dash. The fascia has 4 clips that locks into place. Then the unit is fitted inside the cage.
  14. Haven't had a chance to do it yet mate. Probably this weekend
  15. Fiesta Mk6 Double Din

    I actually carnt find the exact kit I used. But u need leads. Ariel adapter fascia and cage. Well that's wat I needed