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  1. Some help needed here. I purchased a modified ELM327 cable from eBay, and I can't get it to connect with my laptop. If I open up ELMConfig 0.2.17b, select "English", I'm then prompted to select "Driver; (V)CP or FTDI D2XX, if I select (V)CP, the "Port" field remains empty. I simply cannot find a way to get this dammed software to connect with my car, I've installed all the prompted drivers, tried to plug the device into my car and the "Port" field remains empty, i've tried everything I can think of and yet no luck. Can anyone advise me what to do? Mike.
  2. Slightly Concerned (2007 Ford Focus Ghia)

    I'll check the fluid reservoir, just to ensure it's not low on fluid. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. Slightly Concerned (2007 Ford Focus Ghia)

    Thanks for your comments guys. I had a good look around the gear box, and all over the engine bay to check for any leaks or signs of fluid, checked all the fluid lines, nothing. Can't seem to replicate this fault in any event if I tried. I've never had anything like this happen before, when the clutch slave cylinder broke last year, the clutch pedal simply went to the floor, and the car was undrivable. It was just strange for the car to have no power in any gear, and when depressing the clutch to the floor that the vehicle was braking fairly firmly. Drove the car yesterday, with no problems. This car certainly loves to keep you on your toes that's for sure haha.
  4. Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on a problem that I've encountered with my 2007 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 Duratec. I've had the car around 8 months, it's now done 69,500 miles with a full service history, I had a new clutch kit fitted roughly 7,000 miles ago as the slave cylinder decided to break, meaning a clutch change was appropriate while the gearbox was out. So then, the car has been very good, some odd problems every now and then, the pedals can make strange noises on bumpy fast country roads, but nothing major. Today, I started the car as normal, allowed the revs to settle down, put the car into first with no problems and set off normally. I put the car into second, and the vehicle started to judder aggressively, with a complete lack of power (almost as if you're trying to drive in fifth gear). When I went to select neutral to see if disengaging and re selecting second would help, the car would actually brake when I pushed the clutch in (which is the opposite to what it should do when power is taken away from transmission). All gears where juddering with no power, pushing the clutch in caused the car to slow down as if I'm pressing the brake, something wasn't right. After looking for leaks on any of the hydraulic lines (there was non), and restarting the engine, everything is absolutely fine, after a 30 mile drive no further problems. The other day, also, at a roundabout, upon stopping, the engine was hunting at idle, nearly causing the car to stall a few times whilst I waited for an opportunity to pull out into traffic. I'm not sure what's going on with my Focus, I'm hoping somebody can help.
  5. Updating Mk2 Ford Focus Ghia Headlights

    Very informative reply, thank you very much. My car is a "57" plate Ghia 2.0 Duratec HE (one of the last production ones of this model). I wasn't sure whether Ford would have left all of the wiring looms/plugs/connectors like they sometimes do. It has ESP also. I'll be sticking to the stock ones it seems.
  6. Hello, I have a late 2007 Ford Focus Ghia, which has pretty much every option ticked from factory, however it has the standard halogen headlights. I was looking into upgrading the headlights to the "Cornering Lamps, fitted as an option on many mk2 ford focus. I've removed one headlight, and I see that the connector from the vehicles wiring loom is a 10 pin and not a 7 pin, does this mean it will simply be a case of plug and play? Many thanks.
  7. Smoking 06Plate Ghia X

    I had a similar problem with my 2.0 TDCi Mondeo. Yesterday i cleaned the EGR valve out, and air intake manifold, and must have removed around a kilo of carbon deposits that was strangling the air flow to the engine. I also cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor too (very easy task). The car smoked for a while afterwards (black soot was being blown out of the exhaust), after a good blast and some high RPM driving, there is basically no smoke coming from the car...except for the usual diesel smoke under heavy acceleration. Give the EGR valve a good clean, also do the same for the engine intake manifold and MAF. This will help your car in so many ways.
  8. Engine Cutting Out (Mk3 Tdci)

    Hello, Just thought i'd report back. So, the last two days I've had time off and decided to give the EGR and intake manifold a good clean (i couldn't believe the amount of gunk in them), i also gave the mass air flow sensor a clean. At first the car felt rough, can only imagine it's not had a nice unrestricted air flow for a long time, that with the battery being unplugged then reconected seems to have refreshed the ECU. After spewing out black rubbish from the exhaust, the car is running absolutely spotless. It feels so smooth, the power seems more balanced and the RPMs aren't hunting for idle. This car feels like it's got a new engine now. very happy! got a new EGR valve blanker coming, shell fit that and see how it feels. I strongly recommend people to clean these components, it's easier then i thought it would be. Must have emptied a good kilo of carbon deposits that had strangled almost all of the airflow. Thanks for the advice! One very happy Mondeo owner.
  9. Engine Cutting Out (Mk3 Tdci)

    Hello, Sorry for the delay, haven't been able to get on the computer. Here are some photos I took of the engine. The car has been behaving the last 2 days actually, no Glow Plug light, or stalling, it only seems to happen when the weather is very wet (as it has been the last few days). Many Thanks!
  10. Engine Cutting Out (Mk3 Tdci)

    Thanks for your reply! I will post a picture for you shortly.
  11. Hello, I've had my 2003 Ford Mondeo Zetec for a while now, and to be honest, apart from some problems regarding the glowplug light coming on at random times, the car has done very well the last 1,000 miles. The car feels very good on the road, and the TDCi engine pulls very nicely. However, over the past week and a half, I've noticed a slight issue in regards to the engine just cutting out. Here's an example; Today, I was driving in traffic (slow moving stop start), set off normally in 1st, built a bit of speed before having to stop (was in 1st still), pressed the clutch right in to let to car roll a little bit before stopping. As I pressed the clutch in, I noticed the revs went up to about 1,500 RPM, then below 1,000 RPM before dropping to about 500 and cutting out. This isn't the first time this has happened. It feels as if the car is trying to find the idle RPM however just cuts out. Also, the glowplug light has come on a few times recently (with no loss of power or anything), it just flashes until the car is restarted again. I've noticed this more in the recent wet weather alongside with the boot release which keeps unlocking whilst driving and/or when turning the car over. Has anyone else had these issues? The car drives fine, the clutch and gearbox feel good. It's a little concerning reading threads relating to quite expensive issues. Many thanks!
  12. Thank you very much BOF, very informative (thank you for putting the time to write that). I took the car for a 30 minute drive around the town, some main roads and bypasses, and neither could replicate or repeat the problem (pulling out at both roundabouts and junctions the car performed perfectly). I can only assume that perhaps some impurities or material maybe got into the fuel system and the injector(s). Thanks, I'll update if I have any other problems. Have a great Christmas.
  13. Hello, I was driving my 2003 Ford Mondeo Zetec (2.0 TDCi 130) earlier, with no problems. I generally drive the car on a daily basis, and have never had any issues. Today, however, I was driving along, waiting at a set of traffic lights I pulled out and the engine was fine, but changing into third gear I noticed a complete loss of power, followed by a flashing light on the Dash Board (Orange Coil?). I also noticed the SnowFlake symbol started flashing as well. Luckily the road was not full of traffic, I was able to bring the car to a stop, turn the ignition off and restart the car (key to position 2) waited for the glow plug light to extinguish before turning the car over (which it did fine), and drove off with no problems. Was able to drive to where I was going, and home again with no further issues. The car has done 186,000 miles (been a trusty work horse), the clutch, gear box and engine is spot on and I've never had any problems (starts with no problems on cold morning). I put £30 of shell Diesel (Vpower?) in the car yesterday, and my partner filled the tank with Morrisons Diesel earlier today (could this be a problem?), we've ran some of that Redex Diesel fluid through the car the other day and no problems. My only concern is obviously this fault is quite dangerous, especially if the engine cuts out at a roundabout or busy junction. I've read some posts in regards to this issue which relate to maybe the EGR valve? Injector problem? Fuel contamination? Would be great if I can get some advice, obviously i'm slightly concerned that there could be something seriously wrong with the engine. Many thanks, Michael