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  1. Off Roading In Your Ranger?

    I've got a 13 reg Ranger as a company vehicle but it is loaded up with work stuff and weights 2.9 tons as I work for what used to be called the Electricity Board. As well as the usual landrover 110's we've had rangers on the fleet since 2003 and these new "not a re-badged Mazda" Rangers are a country mile better off road (and on) than the old ones. I had the road bias continentals replaced by Hankook All terrains ( wasn't allowed BFG's) and so far the truck has been across some really wet stubble fields and down some really muddy tracks and not caused me any concern. Even got it running down a deep rutted track with the underside hitting in places and did no harm. OK, I didn't spend 20K of my own money on it but I do have a lot of pride in my work vans, my 57 plate transit this ranger replaced looked more 30K than 120K miles when it went, but I wouldn't want to bend it.
  2. Signed Up Today

    Hello Forum. I've been a Ford freak since my dad bought a new Y reg Fiesta in 1983 when I was 16. I've since owned over 50 Fords from Anglia 105E, Sierra, Escort mk1/3/4, but mostly Fiesta mk1/2/3/6 Currently own 3 Fiesta Xr2 mk2, mk2 Fiesta Ghia and a 1999 Puma 1.7. Family cars also include another puma and a mk4 Fiesta. This winter I'm restoring a 1984 Fiesta XR2 mk2.