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  1. Engine Cuts Out, Only In Winter

    Certain logic to that - will try and explore that one. Sadly I am no mechanic but will see what garage say to that idea. Thanks for your input
  2. Engine Cuts Out, Only In Winter

    recent service - did it again crimbo eve heading home, could make it cut out by hard acceleration so maybe fuel pump or injectors ??
  3. Issues over last few winters, engine cuts out and dies, electrics all seem fine, stand for 5-10 mins and then runs normally with engine warning light on, after a day or two of use engine warning light goes out. garages have looked at it but find nothing, have switched from generic cheap diesel to branded, have tried redex diesel additives but still happening any ideas vehicle is 2007, 5sp manual 2.5 TD, no mods, 86000 miles, annual garage serviced never done it in summer, always when ambient temp below 4-5 deg c