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  1. Broken seat Help please

    Thank you for replying. I think you may be under the illusion that I have some mechanical prowess. Well I used to but I now have Arthritis in my hips and so any manual work is a no no. Do you think that SG Trimmers will extract it for me? kind rgds, stuart.
  2. Hi there. My Mondeo mk4 titanium sport with the half alcantara interior has a broken drivers seat. The back left bolt has sheared. The bolt head has come away but the rest is still on the thread. I need someone I can trust to remove the seat and not break the electrics (heated and cooled seat), remove the old broken bold and repair and make stronger than standard if poss. I am in Leeds but do not mind traveling for the right professional. Also the seat bolsters could do with re stuffing too. Any my help would be amazing. kind rgds, Stuart
  3. Performance Parts

    Mark. A bigger intercooler will produce cooler and more dense air and will give better performance from the turbo. I also am looking at a wider bore exhaust and better air intake. Once this is done I will then re map. Thanx for everyones input. Kind rgds Stuart.
  4. Performance Parts

    Hi mark. Thanx for the reply. Can the intercooler be upgraded at all???? And when you are looking for performance parts which website do you use??? Kind rgds, Stu
  5. Hi there. I have a Mondeo 2.0 ecoboost 2010 (so 203bhp) Does anyone know if this car has an intercooler and can it be upgraded. And it's there any other performance upgrades available. I have searched Google with very little success. Can't find find simple things line stainless steel exhaust and air filters. Amy help would be great.
  6. Polyurethane Bushes

    Awesome. Please keep me informed. Stuart.
  7. Polyurethane Bushes

    Is was hoping that some one has had it done and can give advice. Thanx for the reply though.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a front and rear polyurethane kit for my 2010 Mondeo titanium x sport 2.0 ecoboost
  9. Any help would be very helpful. Thanx in advance. Stuart.
  10. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a great website for my ford mondeo mk 4 2.0 ecoboost titanium x sport in regards to performance parts and exterior styling like different grills or side skirts. And if anyone has any pictures of a there done up Mondeo as inspiration that would be great.
  11. Front Discs And Pads

    I have been told that Pagid produce more brake dust than usual. I was thinking like a more performance spec disc and pad. In another note can anyone tell me if there is a performance Ford website maybe even replacement exterior panels like I better looking grill etc???
  12. Hi everyone. I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 ecoboost titanium sport 2010. It needs new front discs and pads. If I choose non ford parts which brand would you go for. And where to buy them. Infact what is the best Web site for my car as I am struggling to find one. Thanx in advance. Stuart.
  13. It never comes on during summer weather and only comes on when the temp is 4 deg or lower.
  14. My airbag warning light comes on it does not blink it just stays on. But only when the weather is very cold. Throughout the summer if causes me no problems. Can anyone shed some light on a possible reason please.
  15. Broken Drivers Seat

    Would not know where to start with that. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Ford OC mobile app