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  1. So, left the cat since the 24th. Went out this am and opened the air box. Tool out the air filter which was quite damp. Stuck it in the microwave for a few mins to get the worst of the dampness out and put to back together. Fired it up and it ran very roughly. Loads of white smoke again from the exhaust. Let it idle for 10 mins by which time the smoke had cleared. Took it for a drive. No error message and it met me rev past 2,000 rpm. Did about 15 miles without issue. By the time I got back it was running smoothly. So, I think I was lucky... It clearly took in water and a soggy air filter was my problem. I have a 250 mile drive home tomorrow which will be the real test... Fingers crossed. Thanks all for your comments.
  2. Thanks all. I will take the air box off tomorrow to make sure it's dry and also disconnect the battery to see if it comes back to life... It's not going anywhere tomorrow so has a good few hours to think about its behaviour and dry out!! I'll let you know what the solution turns out to be in case it helps someone else. Thanks and Happy Xmas
  3. Hi The water was about 1.5 feet deep. I stopped at the edge and drove through revving in 1st gear so no more than 5 mph. Other cars came through after and the water was about 2/3rds of the way up the wheels. Either of your suggestions sound expensive!! Thanks
  4. Hi I drove my 2010 Galaxy with a 2.0 diesel engine through a ford this afternoon. It came out the other side but then died. After a few attempts wouldn't restart. I left it for about 30 mins and it fired up and ticked over but was kicking out thick white smoke that smelt oily. I let it tick over for 5 mins and then drove off. It drove ok for a couple of miles and the smoke cleared before a fault came up in the dash saying "engine fault" and it wouldn't rev past 2,000. (guess it was in limp home mode). I drove the remaining 7 or 8 miles home in this state without issue. Anyone experienced anything similar? Have I done anything major to it or is it likely it will be ok once it has dried out? Thanks in advance for your comments