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  1. wish you all the best in saving for your new motor. 🙂 They look good have too say being a Mk2 Focus owner myself well former 2moro as its going too scarp 😞 They do look good you planning on the RS or ST?
  2. Anyone else saving for there dream or project car would love too hear them 🙂
  3. Made the derision too take the old girl off the road 😞 Insurance and tax cancelled didn't really do this but right now need too focus on my prioritise mainly building up my savings this year. Money management hasn't always been my strong point I'll be brutally honest I like too spend I like too travel food drink you name it I've done it all and always felt a bit guilty spending so much and thinking damn I needed that in there. So taking big cut backs mainly how much fuel I use a week and keeping shows and events too a minimum this year. It sucks I know but will be worth it in the end. She's been a great motor and always got me home from the longest trips. She's done me proud. I love this damn thing I really do. Took her for a last drive today just too see if I still want too keep her here. Do you know what I can't let this go its been 30mins already and I'm sad of the fact I can't use it on the road. 😞 But who knows what will happen won't bore you worth the details as anything can change I do have ideas on the pipe line, but again wait and see what I'll do. All this too save for my dream classic ford. Just going through some photos of the shows I went too last year with the Ford Probe and I remembered I saw a Granada Ghia 3.0 V6 at castle classics Newcastle area. On the day I spoke too the owner and even got too sit in it, While busy admiring the dashboard interior exterior The lovely steering wheel. That's when I knew that is was the car that I wanted too own. I might have been a bit late getting my savings up as they say better late then never. My dream car and my number objective. In my eyes this was car of the show.
  4. Had a fantastic weekend in Bristol, Sparkford and Summerset. What a fantastic weekend enjoyed every minute of it. Got too say really enjoyed visiting the Haynes museum a treasure cove full of Iconic cars from all era's all in one place a petrol heads dream, I'm coming back again. Thank you too the staff they were superb and provided all the information you need and history about these iconic cars. Traveling from North Wales too get there was 6 hours and Ford Probe GT that drinks I'll say this it was worth every burnt up penny. A lot of dedication and support from the whole team too make this museum as it is. John Haynes himself would be proud. May his Legacy live on and continue for a very long time highly recommend anyone too visit this brilliant automotive history time tunnel. Other note as well, Recently as well I've noticed a lot of owners from different sites modifying the cars too suite there own tastes nothing wrong with that at all in fact I encourage it. Doing your own car should be fun and a hobbie not a stressful situation where your constantly worried what you do is going too get you targeted or slated, Its your car your pride and joy your driving it your paying for it you can do what ever you damn like. 😉 Every car I've owned I've always did my own thing regardless and yeah I do get the beep for that but I never gave in too it either, I just take it as a laugh. Don't be afraid too do your own thing, Don't let fear stop you your not trying too please others your doing it for yourself. 😉 Enjoy your car and have fun with it. 😉
  5. Lancia Stratos A great Group B Legend rally car. 😉 Classic GT40 all the way 😉
  6. Going back on this two cars I regret getting rid of was my first Ford Probe GTV6 and the Rover 75/ZT Hybrid, 75 interior MG ZT exterior trim and bumpers. Had my first Ford probe at 14 years old, my old man originally bought too safe repair and sell, how ever I liked it so much I begged him too keep it, on my 14th birthday the keys were handed too me for 7 years I owned her, Only problem I couldn't afford the insurance and tin worm had started too get too her so she was scrapped, Only I could do was drive it around the private trading estate which is down the road from me so did get used but not enough. Since then I always said if I bought other one I'll do everything I can possibly can too maintain it and keep as long as possible. Next is a completely different car altogether yes a Rover 75 Diesel by BMW before Rover went burst. The diesel engines in these bomb proof and very reliable unlike the K-series engines. 6 years ownership and travelled too many places including the Bevington tank museum and many shows, made quite few friend in the Rover cycle during meets and fixing cars. She met her fate how ever last yeah when she was scrapped, everything started going one after other couldn't' justify the cost so off it went.
  7. There getting pretty rare now not many on the road what so ever and slowly dying out. Same thing in the States and the rest of Europe, They were certainly eye catching and very sporty and race look. One of my favourite done too this was add the duel exhaust system complete stainless including manifolds, love the sound of this thing never gets old. 😉 Liking the cars mate. 😉
  8. Honestly I think they look brilliant at first glance I thought they were coated in shadow chrome.
  9. WOW Great snaps there pal, What the ST is all about, 😉 Have too se say love the wheels 🙂
  10. So glad too be part of the club as the saying goes its never too late 😉
  11. Nope its a Ford probe badges as a Ford but with a Mazda engine and gearbox but with a ford chassis body and interior design, This body of the car was meant too be the mustang back in the States as a replacement for there current model at the time, was originally meant too be a V8 engine, but with Auto alliance joint venture between ford and Mazda at the time, used the Mazda engine from the 626 and MX6. A US import, didn't quite get the same reaction here in the UK, plus the hardcore Ford Capri fans didn't really catch on as this in a way was a Capri MK3 and because of the styling well no one tuned a blind eye, Plus its a front wheel drive not Rear wheel drive like the Capri, if it was I reckon this would have been a winner back then. Still for those who love them like myself will still appreciate these cars for what they are 🙂 Great project build there pal, that's what I love seeing cars being build for purpose. 😉 Keeping going my friend 🙂
  12. Cheers for the recommendation by the sounds of it and readying about it well worth investing. Will make life so much easier trying diagnose rather then trying to 2nd guess most of the time. Might work with the probe as that's all Mazda and this should read Mazda engines as well, only problem OBD1 and a simple US style diagnostic box. Should still work if I Bridge the GND and TND terminals on the probe.
  13. Evening all got a question for you all here, thought be interesting. Out of all the cars you ever owned, which do you regret getting rid of the most? My dad replied either a Cortina Mk3 or a Ford Granada Mk1. me it would have too be my first Ford probe. Let's make it even more interesting shall we, out of the cars that you were offered in the past, which one of those of offers cars do you wish you took and bought. I was offered a Ford Granada for a £1000 pounds, it was Ghia and it was a 2.0 pinto block same as the Ford Sierra, lovely looking car and I'm big fan of the Ford Granada. Just wish I had more money and more time and I regret not jumping for it.
  14. Your right there modern just doesn't that that feel good factor that the 80's used too bring. I'm 90's lad myself 1991 great times and also my dad's days of tinkering with cars was really in his prime doing that back then. Classic Range Rovers P38's Jaguars XJ's and of course plenty of fords, when ever he was tinkering away you could here 60's 70's and 80's music on full blast. He had a soft spot for the Rolling stones and the Animals great tunes, we used too have a record player years ago, one day I thought I'd play some of his old record collection. That's when my music taste came from. Just listing too different things. You've taken me too memory lane a bit brilliant times really were.
  15. Gotter love 80's rock such as Alice copper/Magnum/Status Quo/ also do like my metal Slayer AC-DC Man of war/Iron Maiden I can go on all day lol. I'm still suing my retro CD player in the Ford so having too make CD's all the time lol. The whole front glove is full of CD's as soon you open they aa pop out lol.