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  1. Induction Kit For A 1.8 Saloon

    Does anyone have any idea ?
  2. Mk 1 Induction Kit

    Looking for an induction kit for my focus,i really don't know how they work or which one i need..i assume i have a panel air filter in my car ,not to sure has i haven't looked yet.Been looking on ebay for a cone type one but not having much success atm..When i put my car type it says will not fit your vehicle even tho its advertised to fit a MK1 1.8..just need some advice on which way to go..I heard Cone Filters are better than panel ones.. Tips and advice Please Thanks
  3. Hi. I have read that Induction kits can make a major difference to Fuel economy and sometimes add a bit of power,i am thinking of getting one but on a bit of a budget,can any one recommend a good one for me. Thanks
  4. Leather Seats For A Mk1 Saloon

    Thanks but that is way to far to come,which is a shame because if you had been nearer i would of had it off you..also no tow bar or trailer :(.But thanks for the offer,much appreciated. Wiz
  5. Leather Seats For A Mk1 Saloon

    Thanks for that Jeebo much appreciated
  6. Hi guys i am wanting to buy some leather seats for my Ghia Saloon,and have a few questions..Are The seats from an Hatchback compatible.Can i use seats from a MK2 etc( are the fittings the same) and is it a hard job with the wiring etc ?. Also any cheap places you can think of that are West Yorkshire area Thanks Wizhunter
  7. Central Locking Fault

    Got the keyfob working and have practcally solved the Issue..Fob locks all the doors and opens all except the passenger front door,also i don't know if it should have an alarm in 99 but no plashing lights and sound when i do lock it Wiz
  8. Central Locking Fault

    The Keyfob isn't working..put a new battery in it yesterday..do you think it may need reprogramming ?
  9. Central Locking Fault

    Sean i just looked in the owners handbook and there is absolutely nothing about this feature you mention
  10. Central Locking Fault

    Thanks Sean..I will have to try and get hold of a owners handbook because i didn't get one with the car..Also i pressed a button at the top right of the speedo and a red light came on with something to do with doors..I was thinking child locks but i don't know..i know pressing it again won't turn the light off. Like you say Sean i will have to try and get an handbook. Thanks again Wiz
  11. Central Locking Fault

    C'mon Guys surely someone must know,i don't want my car stealing :( Many Thanks Wiz
  12. Focus Cd Radio

    Got one now thanks
  13. Central Locking Fault

    Hi Guys Got another problem with the Focus.When I unlock the car from the drivers side it only locks and opens that door,when i use the key on the passenger side it locks and opens both doors on the passenger side,which means the drivers side rear doesn't lock. Any help always appreciated. Wiz PS.Anyone know anywhere i can get some Ghia Trim for the bumpers etc..I am located in Leeds. Thanks
  14. New Focus Owner

    Thanks James Much Appreciated Wiz
  15. Focus Cd Radio

    Hi Guys Quick Question.I have A V Reg Focus Which Has I Think Has A 2000 Radio Cassette In It..What I Need To Know Is I Am Thinking Of Getting A 6000 Model CD Radio,Is It A Straight Swap Or Is There Wiring To Be Done. Also Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Cheapish One In Leeds..West Yorkshire Thanks In Advance Wiz