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  1. willyjonson

    Castrol Fiesta oil discontinued

    I understand that Castrol no longer manufacturer Castrol Magnatec A5 5W-30 Motor Oil. I am told it has been discontinued does anyone know of the alternative to use for a 2013 Fiesta Zetec 1.6
  2. Hi, Damian, On my Ford Email alert it is saying you posted a message 1Hour ago saying Ford are now giving a warranty of 5 year and 100k mileage on Powershift in the UK but when I go to the Forum I can't find it posted anywhere. So if it was you I wondered if you could reply again on there.I've been trying to get some info on what Ford are doing about it.Yours Willyjonson

    1. 1979Damian


      That's strange, I don't remember posting anything although I might possibly have liked a post.

  3. willyjonson

    Watchdog Powershift Problems

    Thanks for that Marshy, Can you fill us in a bit more, Where did you hear about it and will the next step be the Dealers getting in touch.
  4. willyjonson

    Watchdog Powershift Problems

    That's just the same message I would have posted here amonth ago,the car is 2years old and 7500 miles on the clock and a week ago has just started juddering and a few strange noises coming from the gearbox but not everytime I drive it that's the problem because you can't get it to behave that way when with the Dealer.
  5. willyjonson

    Watchdog Powershift Problems

    Hi Sportvan I've just checked my 2013 Fiesta on Etis and your right it does now say there is a Warranty Extension on the 14M02 Transmission Control Module,but it doesn't say how long for.So why hasn't Ford notified all owners with the DPS6 Powershift Gearbox by letter, as they've done in the USA.The worrying thing is that the Dealers don't seem to know anything about it.Surely in todays modern world Email etc.that would be Fords first step.Something doesn't seem right to me.
  6. willyjonson

    Watchdog Powershift Problems

    Hi, Sportvan where did you get your information from that Ford are doing a 5 year 100k warranty on the Powershift gearbox. At least it would calm the fears of a of few Auto Drivers.
  7. willyjonson

    Watchdog Powershift Problems

    Hi, Marshy, Only just read your Post. I see the USA and Australia has a 5 year guarantee now on all Powershift Gearboxes they're not so daft as us, but I suspect they do more complaining than we do.Ford just keep doing a bit here and there enough to keep us ticking over until the 3 years are up and then it's not there problem anymore.And of course the owners who only do only 4000 to 5000 miles a year will have big juddering issues when the Guarantee Period is up.I swapped from a Citroen C3 Auto with Gearbox problems to a New Fiesta out of the frying pan into the fire as they say.
  8. willyjonson

    Outstanding Software Update

    Hi,I'm putting this as a new topic but I think it will be for Powershift owners mainly.I noticed when checking the Ford Etis site that there is a Outstanding 15B22 TCM Software Update for the Fiesta.By the way mine is a 2013 model.I think it may have something to do with the judder on some Powershift Transmissions. Does anyone know anything about it and has anyone had the update and if so what is your experience. I have noticed more judder on mine when I've travelled perhaps 20 to 50 miles when the engine gets hotter.
  9. willyjonson

    Extended Warranty

    I started this topic off thinking I was perhaps the only one who was concerned, but the replies not only show that Ford and or the Dealers are not together on this.I have just rang Ford Direct on the 08702416726 number and told that I am not allowed to do it even though I am still inside the 1st year.I was not told on purchasing the car, that unless I took out the 4th and 5th year extended warranty there and then that I would not be able to do so later on.I don't know if there is other avenue to take on this as each day goes by more and more Ford car buyers are going over there first 12 months right to take up the Extended Warranty option. It amazes me that Ford would do this to it's loyal customers and through it's Dealers that didn't offer the option show good will and right a very big wrong that has been done.
  10. willyjonson

    Extended Warranty

    On some Ford Dealer sites it is still saying Extended Warranties can be taken out within the first 12 months of registering your vehicle.I certainly wasn't told when I purchased my car that I had to do it there and then or the option of extending the warranty would not be possible.So if Ford have changed the rules when did they do it and why wasn't new owners notified,to give us the option.This is not right if Ford have done this secretly!
  11. willyjonson

    Extended Warranty

    Hi, My Zetec is coming up to its first service, I'm thinking of extending the Warranty up to 5 years. Does anyone know if I can now it's nearly 12 months old and anyone know how much it would cost. Thanks!!
  12. willyjonson

    Problem Courtesy Light!!!

    Hi,Fiesta 7.5 Zetec.My front Courtesy light wont work, yet both map reading lights work fine anybody have an idea what to try? Thanks!
  13. willyjonson

    Drl Headlights For Fiesta Mk7!!!!

    Hi,I think quite a few owners would be interested but could you give us a few more details bulbs etc.and do they fit the new Facelift 7.5.
  14. willyjonson

    Glove Box Bulb Change?

    Thanks Lightning for the Info and Photo.I changed bulb yesterday in 5 mins.I don't know what I was messing about at before, I think it's not quite knowing whats tied up with what and hence breaking something because of it. Anyway thanks for everything and the time to bother.
  15. willyjonson

    Glove Box Bulb Change?

    Hi, Can anyone explain how to change the bulb in the Glove Box,I have read a previous report but it still doesn't go far enough for me.I have dropped the Glove Box Lid but I still can't remove the bulb.There is a Allen Key screw about where the bulb/switch holder is do I have to remove that?I have unscrewed it so far but it doesn't seem to loose anything up.Anybody who can help I'd be grateful! or have you had the same trouble as me? By the way Fiesta Mk 7.5.