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  1. shuddering whilst driving on mk3

    Many thanks for the replies I will speak to the garage in the morning and see what they say
  2. shuddering whilst driving on mk3

    The garage is a local ( non-ford) with out sounding stupid what is a pcm update or tsb? Thanks for any replies.
  3. Hello every body I own a mk3 focus st and driving home from work the other night whilst doing around 30 mph in 4 gear and then did slight acceleration the car started to act funny it was either misfiring or the car was shuddering, if I floored it it pulled no problem slowed right down dropped it in to fourth gear and accelerated and it played up again only last till car picks up a little more speed but does it in other gears as well. Went to my local garage they took out the plugs and said that could be the problem so they changed them but the car is still the same,Now they are stumped as they have never seen this before. The car is out of warranty, has any body got any ideas? Any advice or help would be very grateful.
  4. I have a 2008 focus st face lift model and I keep getting a problem which keeps repeating itself. About a year ago I noticed that my oil temp and oil pressure gauges were not working properly coolant fan was on lacking in power put a code reader on and came up with po111 since then I have a map sensor fitted but it still come back on four times ,in December it came on again but after 4 days the fault cleared itself but was advised to have a maf sensor fitted (not cheap) then last Tuesday it came on again but it cleared itself on Saturday going to work. went for a check with code reader this morning and it is still showing "air intake temperature senor" Has any body got any ideas please.
  5. I Can Smell Oil From My Focus St

    took car today and was diagnosed as a oil breather valve needs replacing can't do any thing till next week, does any body know what they are or the cost?
  6. This may be a strange one for you but I keep getting an oil smell whilst I am driving my car sometimes just a whiff sometimes quite strong and sometimes never. Checked the oil still full. no leaks visable, a couple off people I have spoken to have said possible split in my breather pipe, has anybody ever come across this before?
  7. I have had a dianogstics test done today and it came back with fault code po111, now search time on google
  8. I have a 2008 focus st and I have noticed that my fan is on all the time whilst the engine is running my temperature gauge is showing normal. I have checked all the fuses and they are all ok, I can only assume that there must be a sensor some where on the car has anybody else come across this? or know where the senor is located?
  9. Declare To Insurance Company?

    I am thinking of getting my rear windows tinted for privacy my insurance company (admiral) want another £28.66 extra till my renewal in November
  10. St Badges Replacments.

    I have been down to my local ford dealership and they didn't know anything about it, they after many minutes keyboard bashing they found it, but to my disappointment it only covered the FORD front and rear the guy in parts learned something new today anyhow, but thanks for your replies.
  11. St Badges Replacments.

    Thank you for your replies please could you tell me more about the badge replacement program as my car is six years old and the badges look a mess.
  12. St Badges Replacments.

    I have a focus st facelift model and the badges on the wings need replacing(looks like they have worn away some how) I have priced up two form my local ford dealership but I am wondering how to take the old ones off with out causing any damage and to put the new ones on and making sure they stay on. Any replies would be very grateful.
  13. What Do We All Work At

    hgv class one driver.not seen many on here
  14. What Polish Do You Use?

    When cleaning your pride and joy what polish do you use any why?
  15. What Do You Fill Up With?

    I have a focus st and use only shell. last two fills have been v-power instead of normal shell and I can not tell any diffeerence in power or economy and my mate also has a st runs his on Sainsburys fuel and gets the same mpg as i do,