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  1. Meet In Surrey?

    If it was a weekend day then id come along but too tired after work to come on a weekday lol. Wud much rather have a non rushed long day of drinkin eating and droolin over cars... :-)
  2. Meet In Surrey?

    Im up for this!!
  3. U say u can hear the nouse when u lift ur foot off the clutch? Its not uncommon for the clutch release bearing to make noise when its failling?! Hard to say without hearing the car but if it does it when u move the clutch up and down then my money is on that?! Means gearbox out and new clutch kit and release bearing fitted...
  4. Hey, ive not had time to read all the posts on this and im sorry if uve cured it or someone has mentioned this already. When your car is at the point of this problem occuring, try unplugging the air flow meter. If the problem gets worse then u can probably just ignore me, if it gets better then its safe to say that this is the issue. Also, when the car is at the time of the problem and u cant rev it, turn it off then unplug the air flow meter and start it again, if its better then change it! See how it goes...
  5. Newbie Here From West London

    Thanks guys! ;-)
  6. Blue Smoke On Startup. 2006 Tdci 1.8 Focus

    Hard to say without seeing the car and smoke but yes blue smoke indicates burnt oil. A drop in the cylinder being burnt can produce a fair bit of smoke so it could just be taking a small amount at a time and burning it off. Only ways this could happen is either valve stem seals, turbo seals, head gasket or piston rings really. Sometimes egr can produce smoke too but uve removed that so it illiminates that... Hard to say from here...
  7. Coil Pack / Throttle

    Yep, common issue with the coil packs. Get ecu read to confirm misfire. We usually fit coil pack, leads and plugs as standard with these types of misfires as most of the time none of the above have ever been changed so best to do them all as parts degrade over time anyway...
  8. Evening all. Just joined the site today so thought id say hi. I mainly joined to look for nore meets in the area and also some events within the country. Love driving the car so always look for an excuse to go places. Especially love ford fair!! I have a 2007 focus st3 in black :-) Sean