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  1. @JessicaxShaw i woke up at 4am this morning, its so annoying.

  2. if i dont get better before prague im going to be extremely upset with the world.

  3. beyonce - flawless brings out my inner ghetto. no joke.

  4. I wish David Attenborough was my grandad.

  5. In nicki minaj's boss !Removed! !Removed! remix. She mentions the word !Removed! 16 times in 2 minutes. I feel violated.

  6. Happy new year everyone. I was asleep by half 10 last night so didn't text anyone ha

  7. Cannot. Stop. Coughing.

  8. i literally cannot stop listening to beyonces album and i hated it when i first downloaded it :|

  9. Gearbox Help!

    Its my first post on here so hi everyone! ive just bought my first car about 2 months ago, ford fiesta 2003 LX 1.25. im not very experienced with cars and a few weeks ago my car wouldnt go into 1st of second gear it would just drop out. but later on it resolved its self. well its done it again and now it wont stay in 1st, 2nd or reverse. my dad seems to thinks the gear linkage needs adjusting because it recently had a new clutch? but he cant remember how to adjust it? any help appreciated! thanks!
  10. just ordered a pray for paris tshirt, wanted one for so long!