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  1. Questions

    Thank you for replying guys, you have cleared up some points. I were expecting the glass to set me back a lot but the worry over tint stickers overcomes it, I'll have to do some saving. So the headlights I'm looking for is HID? I like the angel eyes kind so hopefully I can find something. Do you suggest eBay or is there a shop I can walk into? In the South Yorkshire area (though willing to travel). Auto levelling is that a feature of the headlights or of the car? I'm still unsure where my trim lies. Is Zetec, Sport, RS and ST on one side of the coin, and then Titanium, etc the other?
  2. Introducing Yorkshireman

    Thanks for the welcomes. My girlfriend will stop me from going wild.
  3. Introducing Yorkshireman

    Thank you.
  4. Questions

    I would like to modify my car in the following ways: Get rear tinted windows like Titanium trim; tinted glass not stick on.New headlights and rear registration light(s)Rear bumper skirtCar: Ford Focus Sport 1.6TDCI 11 reg. Leading from that I have the following questions: (This isn't relevant to the above but just curiousity.) Is Zetec S the highest trim level? I thought Titanium X is the best trim. I frequently see headlights that look different depending on the angle. So from the side - from the other lane - it's a normal beam, head on it's nice clean white, above or below it may be slightly blue. I understand it's a mix of xenon lights and lens. As an example, because I appreciate my explanation may not be great, you'll see this on most new cars particularly Range Rover Evoque, Skoda Octavia, BMW, Audi etc. I know it's not for top end cars because I've seen them on old bangers, old Vaux Vectras, old Toyota Avensis, etc It seems taxi drivers know where to find these headlights. lol Since my explanation is so poor I don't want to go into somewhere asking this and I don't even know where (besides eBay) I can go. This question is two fold; one, what's this technology called? two, where can I buy? I mention above I want to modify the rear reg light. By this I would simply like to change the bulb so the light is white, like LED perhaps. Can I get this from Halfords or is there more to than simply changing the bulb? Am I right in thinking that Ford would be able to order tinted windows for the back; so that's the two rear passenger windows, the smaller windows at the back and the rear window? I presume they can because what if a Titanium trim damaged its windows, they would need replacement windows. I can't imagine there's a difference in dimensions with Sport and Titanium so surely I can just order tinted windows (be it very expensive) from Ford?I would like to of provided examples for the lights but I cannot find any. Hope you can help. Thank you for reading.
  5. Introducing Yorkshireman

    Hi, I am from South Yorkshire, I bought a Ford Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI in technical grey in August this year. Lovely car but I do wish to modify it a little – only a little. I intend to be active both with asking questions and contributing to general chats (though trying to get used to the ads in the craziest of places). Thanks for reading.