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  1. Fiesta Mk6 1.4 Not Idling When Cold

    just the usual po420 catalyst effiency just stalls at every junction drives great apart from that wont last long if i have to start it 50 times a day
  2. Fiesta Mk6 1.4 Not Idling When Cold

    CLEANED the throttle new temp sensor new pipe from pcv valve to manifol d new map sensor still the same is there a idle control valve or is it part of throttle valve why doesnt anyone know and why do you ford nuts put up with this crap havnt you tried a vauxhall ever you all must be sado masochists theyre crap
  3. does this do both seats or do you have to do passenger as well
  4. hi when i google this a lot comes up but nothing definite,do these have a idle control valve or not , if not how does it work and what will it need ? cheers
  5. Hope To Use This A Lot

    thanks for the greetings,, these new electric this and that cars worry the hell out of me and im not impressed yet it seems slower probably because its heavier and a bit more oppressive than the old style astra but it needed cv boots exhaust 2 tyres and steering rack for mot so wouldnt have been worth doing, plus t registrations getting a bit old looking, i,ll persevere though , seems like all the problems are very common knowledge i just wonder why ford didnt fix them
  6. oh ive bought a sealey code reader so i,ll let you know what that says when it comes , i unplugged battery overnight but that didnt do anything
  7. yes was a dealer off ebay very dodgy one but sounded so cheap 950 for an 06 focus ,i thought it would start missing or something for the eng man light to come on , then i thought it might have been because of the bonnet open light on, the water in the plug well was orange same as header tank, ive bought some radweld il give that a try before a core plug , i thought it sounded like ahydraulic tappet but theyre not hydraulic ive been told just buckets that have different thicknesses ,so no idea why it comes and goes .
  8. hi all think ive bought a lemon so i,ll get stuck in with my probs [06 focus 1.6] 1st of all an intermittant tapping noise just like a worn cam but the noise comes and goes ? ,,,2nd eng managemnt light come on for no reason unless the bonnet open light would set it off,, would it? 3rd antifreeze in plug recesses ive searched this and theres talk of core plug or cracked head ,,, which is most likely ? these are my main niggles i guess thats what you get for buying from dodgy dealers and getting a trade sale receipt . cheers for any help
  9. hi folks glad i found you ive had a 1999 astra for 6 years and not needed use a forum for help but after a fortnight with a 2006 focus i sure need some help lol, i,ll go try find the right forum for my woes see you soon, you ford boys sure are loyal