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  1. Sierra gallery!

    and here it is again and again ;)
  2. Sierra gallery!

    and heres mine
  3. thanks Vinny, you are a real GOOD guy ;) I'm approaching retirement and have owned around 25 different cars in my lifetime including a couple of new fords but I've never been as excited or looked forward to driving a car as much as my recently aquired Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.8L. Maybe because its white (is it just me or do most of todays cars seem to be silver?), its not because its done 128,000 miles, but it is because its had one owner, full service history, all MOT's and is in 'time warp' condition inside and out. Stunning! I can't wait to get my caravan hitched up and me and the Wife will be away. Hope to meet up with some of you guys at car shows throughout the year.
  4. FOC Age group Poll!

    I'm 66 but feel half that, it could be this 'SIERRA' thing
  5. Where's Ford Sierra

    Thanks Vinny or is it Lewis? thats great news. There's no rush, I don't get the Sierra till tomorrow ;)
  6. Get my 1988 Sierra Sapphire tomorrow Fri 20th March, to replace my Knackered 1998 Rover 416 which has proved itself totally incapable of towing my caravan. Reverting to rear wheel drive with I'm sure greater success. Late 60's had a Escort 1300GT, In 1973 a new Cortina estate (family man) and later a new Orion Ghia on C reg. Also inherited a Fiesta in early 90's. Have just about collected a Sales Brochure for every car I've owned. Is anyone else doing this. Its much harder than collecting Haynes manuals!
  7. Hi, How do we add Ford Sierra to the 'General Ford Discussions by Model' Can anyone do it or should it be a Administrator. Being a newbie have I missed something. cheers al
  8. Hi u all, getting my 1988 Sierra Sapphire 1.8L on 20.03.09. ONE OWNER Looking forward to meeting many ford owners this summer. I go to local classic car shows with my Morris Minor but will now be able to go further afield with my Sapphire / Caravan. Is there a FOC banner or is it all DIY. ;)