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  1. Fiesta st2

    I currently run Toyo proxes 4. Bought them at 4wheelonline. These all-season tires have good traction in the wet and dry. They are average for noise.
  2. Mk3 Focus Coilover Advice

    I went with Bilstein shocks. They are slightly stiffer than stock but I noticed a huge difference in handling. Good performance in dealing with rough roads, potholes and sharp bumps.
  3. I know 3M has a low profile double sided tape.
  4. Rbg halos

    No idea about it, but you can try madmotors because they offer halo lights.
  5. Front and back st emblem installed!

    Simple yet it adds character to your car. Post some pics once you're done doing your other mods.
  6. Focus MK 3 Wiper Blades

    I recommend the Trico neoform wiper blades.
  7. A red car with black rims will definitely look good.
  8. Detailing

    Try to visit autogeekonline. Lots of tips from professional detailers.

    Another vote for Blackvue. Video quality is really good. Worth the price.
  10. Finally, I found a good deal on Bushwacker fender flares from a local store—4wo|Shop for Fender Flare. Does anyone have one and how do you like it? I’m also planning to paint them to match, so what do you think guys? I have a buddy who works in a bodyshop so it won't cost me too much. Just want to know if ptm would look better. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Detailing Ritual

    Looks good. I'm also a fan of Turtle Wax especially their Ice spray wax. By the way, just curious here if you are using some tire dressing or not?
  12. Wheel Re-Spray

    Much better than the plain green. Do you have other pics with the wheels installed? It's hard to see them on the second pic.
  13. Howdy

    Hi all. Looks like this forum has useful information about the Ford vehicles; that's why I decided to join. I have a '10 Ford Ranger, and planning to level it and add bigger set of tires. Suggestions are welcome.