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  1. clutch problem

    I took the car in prior to its first service regarding the noise and I was told it’s a common noise in all KA's. I accepted their opinion, as why shouldn’t I doubt it, but now I am beginning to feel that I have been miss-informed. When the car went in for its first service, everything checked out fine. It’s now been almost 6 months since the service and the last 2 months the car has produced louder grinding noises. I have even noticed that sometimes the car doesn’t seem to be accelerating as quickly as it previously did. If it is a problem with the 'clutch thrust bearing', what other symptoms and problems are linked to it? Is driving the car with this fault damaging the car overall?
  2. clutch problem

    My KA is only 17 months old and I am concerned that I have a problem with the clutch whilst driving. 1-5 months old - whilst driving if I released the accelerator pedal the KA used to be reasonably quiet as there was no engine noise and there was no additional noises. 6+ months old - a grinding / rattling noise appeared. At first it was intermittent and was frankly so quiet that it was hard for anyone but me to notice it. When I depress the clutch pedal the noise disappears, upon releasing the pedal the noise reappears. This is why I believe it is a problem with the clutch. 15+ months old - the grinding / rattling noise is always there whilst driving and is noisier than before so that passenger can hear it. Any help would be greatly appreciated on what the exact problem is and how to go about fixing the problem?