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  1. still have the spa colour and heads do still turn as i pass.....i also love the fact the colour got discontinued in '09' as there not many out there B)
  2. Ma weelady is noo sittin oan 28k 11 months auld.....and the urinated colour still gets the comments.
  3. ^^ me tae.....added twitter and facebook tae :D
  4. bit short notice another forum is meetin some details...
  5. as said before......... W33 LDY ma daily nickname ah say buy a plate!
  6. bah hunbug! hope everyone has a mashed up day. :P
  7. ah snap most mileage milestones Weelady is 7 months old and noo done 22k 2nd service booked in.
  8. high awetime!.......weelady hence the team scotland!
  9. weelady has had many strange mashed up situations!
  10. 3/4 scottish ford fiesta sites r meetin for a magazine meet ...... just thought i'd share the info
  11. low is the way tae 2! nice job ah ride skyhigh awetime... :D ;)
  12. Pea pod plate would be fab for !Removed! n giggles! Mine does have a name Sunday Name is Miss Titty Ford (Miss Titty 4 short) however cause of ma plate ppl r just callin her weelady.
  13. This just makes ma weelady even more unique! B)
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