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  1. Window Uv Filtering

    Oh ok, that isn't too bad. I just wish I could find some technical specs stating it exactly.
  2. Window Uv Filtering

    Hi all, I've got a 57 reg Ford Focus Titanium that has factory tinted rear windows. I also have a 4 week old baby so I'm trying to understand the level of UV protection provided by the various windows. Speaking to Ford hasn't helped and I can't seem to find much info about it. My understanding is that windshields provide some level of protection but that the rest don't. Does this still apply to factory tinted windows? I know aftermarket tinting generally provides filtering. I'd like to think that all windows block 80%-90% of UV, perhaps not the 99% of aftermarket stuff. Thanks
  3. Just purchased a Focus, picking it up on Saturday. Originally looking for a second family car, but this one will probably take the place of the 2002 Volvo S40 as the main car. Took it out for a test drive today - very enjoyable but should be practical at the same time.