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  1. Advice On Getting A New Bumper & Engine Shield

    Thanks. Can I ask where you got that from? I've been looking around t'interweb and have found that the paint code should be on my VIN plate, although it doesn't make it clear where. But I can't find the code you've mentioned on my VIN plate. Does that mean it's located somewhere else on the car?
  2. Advice On Getting A New Bumper & Engine Shield

    Keeping on the topic of re-sprays, can anyone tell me how to find the paint code on the MK7 (Moondust Silver)?
  3. Advice On Getting A New Bumper & Engine Shield

    Thanks for those links! Speaking as someone with little knowledge of bodywork, I take it a professional company doing the re-spray will be able to change it to silver no matter what the existing colour is?
  4. Advice On Getting A New Bumper & Engine Shield

    Thanks for the replies so far. I'll certainly work on my own rear end once I've sorted out my car's front end :) I'll keep an eye on Ebay and scrap yards, but in the mean time if anyone can recommend any good online parts place who would have what I'm after, please let me know.
  5. Hi all, After a low impact knock during the week, I need to replace the front bumper on my Fiesta as it now has a few cracks! It's for a silver 2009 MK7 with front parking sensors. One of the local dealers I called is quoting around £430 (inc VAT), which comes pre-painted silver. Does anyone know any online dealers who would be cheaper? Also, I've found the driver's side bracket on the underside engine shield has snapped. It was hanging down a bit which I've temporarily fixed. Does anyone know an online dealer who could supply one of those too? So far I've been quoted £66 inc VAT. Thanks in advance and hope you're all enjoying the weather!
  6. Picture of new Fiesta engine compartment required

    Thanks very much for uploading those so quickly. It confirms I was going mad and there isn't anything missing :) Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, Can someone please post a picture of the engine compartment from a new MK7 Fiesta? Preferably the 1.6 TDCi? I got mine back from a service yesterday and I'm sure they've not put back the engine covers, but I just wanted to compare with someone else's to make sure I'm not going mad! Thanks, Curtis.
  8. New Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Voice Commands Query

    Hi ya, I've got the same car and no I don't believe this is a voice command feature. I'm guessing they assumed it's not required as you can use your thumb to do this with the controls on the left side of the steering wheel with minimal effort.
  9. Titanium letters falling off

    I had one of the i's in Titanium come of when I was washing it. A bit of super glue sorted it out though and it hasn't budged since.
  10. MPG on New Fiesta Diesel?

    Hi there. I've got the 1.6TDCi and have done almost 4000 miles. I'm currently getting around 55-57mpg. One bit of advice - don't trust the trip computer. That says I'm averaging about 48mpg. My journeys are generally longer ones, rather than just around town, but does include country roads, A roads and motorways. I generally drive smoothly to maximise the mpg and keep the tyre pressures correct (that alone can make quite a bit of difference!).
  11. MPG.

    Have a look here: http://www.mileagecalculator.co.uk/ Reset the trip counter for your mileage the next time you fill up, then record how many miles you've done when you fill up the following time. Get a VAT receipt which will show all the other figures required. Then you just need to enter them into the website and that will work it all out for you. Don't worry if you don't know your average annual mileage. Just stick any figure in that box. That's just there to estimate your annual fuel costs, etc. Doesn't affect the MPG figure.
  12. Fiesta Diesels - Advice

    And with the new car tax reforms (http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/HowToTaxYourVehicle/DG_172916) in 2010 the mk7 1.4 and 1.6 TDCi's will drop to just £20 per year.
  13. MPG.

    Have you tried working out the MPG yourself? I've found my trip computer is a bit out. That says I'm averaging around 48 mpg but I actually get closer to 54 mpg. My car's done around 3000 miles (1.6 TDCi) so I expect this to improve in time.
  14. MK7 inaccurate average speed

    I appreciate what you're saying about a flat motorway, but there aren't that many slopes on the M4 and although the car may slow very slightly before the acceleration kicks in, it barely drops below 67-68mph. If the average was showing around 67-68mph I'd accept that to be about right. But over 20 miles when the speed doesn't drop below 65mph a single time, how can it possibly average 58mph? The MPG seems to be a bit out too. That's showing an average of 47mpg, but my calculations work it out to be closer to 54mpg. Today while I was out I checked the trip counter was working accurately by checking the mileage my car thought I'd done against what my sat nav thought. That seems ok. I guess it's only a computer! But I really was just curious at the accuracy of others in case it's just mine.
  15. MK7 inaccurate average speed

    Hi, I suspected my trip computer wasn't giving me completely accurate results with the average speed. I tested this today on a motorway journey and found this to be the case. I reset the counter and travelled around 20 miles with the cruise control set at 70mph. But according to the trip counter I'd averaged 58mph during this time. I appreciate the speedo is always a few mph out... but 12mph??? When I collected the car the dealer did say it takes a few hundred miles or so for the trip counters to settle in, but I've done over 1,500 miles now. I'm a bit concerned that if this is out by so much, are the other readings out too? I'm due to take the car in soon for a courtesy service and will mention this, but just wondered if anyone else had noticed this or if mine's a one off?