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  1. I assume the back box is the same as the old one, I asked for a standard ST one as I don't want to have to tell my insurer that there are modifications on the car. I checked again earlier and it doesn't look like its touching the springs or any other part of the suspension. Cant see what its actually knocking against. Bit nervous about taking it back to the garage, have never taken a car back before, hope they don't charge me again. Like I said earlier, I've been taking my cars there for a couple of years and they have never let me down yet.
  2. Hi, took my Fiesta ST mk6 into the garage yesterday thinking the exhaust was hanging a bit low and for a couple of other little jobs. The garage called and said that they had sorted the other little bits and confirmed that the exhaust was hanging low and needed new mount(s). He also said that the back box ideally needed replacing as it was rusty but it wasn't urgent, I decided to just let them do it to save me having to take the car back later on. Anyway, collected it and was driving home with the radio on at first, switched the radio off after a while and started hearing a knocking. Got home and kicked the exhaust very gently (couldn't touch it as it was hot) looked underneath and it looks as though it's hitting the suspension spring. I don't think my old back box ever did this and the new one is supposed to be exactly the same. I've been taking my cars to this garage for a couple of years now and the work they've done has always been good. I could do with some advice, should I call them up and ask them about it? Has anybody else ever had this problem? Any help would be appreciated, sorry this has been long-winded.
  3. Hi, can anybody tell me where the air filter is located on mk6.5 Fiesta ST and how to get to it Bought a replacement K&N panel filter and would like to have a go at changing it myself.
  4. Mk6 Fiesta St

    I bought a mk6.5 Fiesta ST back in March with 64,000 miles on the clock. Look for the same sort of things you would look for on any used car. Faulty pollen filters can leak across the whole mk6 fiesta range, so check for damp in the footwells. That's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head but do a Google search for a review from whatcar magazine or similar. Also being a performance model, check for any signs that it's been thrashed or if it's led a hard life. Although saying that, performance cars are usually driven by people who see cars a hobby and so they look after them very well, regular services, matching tyres all round etc. Avoid modified examples, if buying from a dealer, ask for new mot and service. Hope I've helped in some way, I love my Fiesta ST although I don't love the fuel consumption.
  5. Going to look at a fiesta ST (56 plate) tomorrow. Any advise from owners or previous owners would be appreciated. What should I look out for? Common problems? Etc etc.
  6. Fiesta St Mk6/6.5 Owners?

    Been looking for a Fiesta ST Mk6 (facelift preferably). Am on a budget and have found one for £4699 with full service history and 64k on the clock, doesn't say that it has an MOT atm, can hopefully knock down the price a bit plus put my car in part ex. What have been your experiences with the car? What sort of things should I look out for? How do I tell if it's been thrashed? What's it like as an everyday car? Is the ride harsh? A colleague at work has a girlfriend who used to have one and the engine "blew up" recently and car was scrapped. Would a Zetec-s be a more sensible option? Any other help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  7. She Passed!

    Nice one. My Fezzy passed on Monday, no advisories. Bad news is picked it up and the DAB on my Sony stereo won't pick up a signal anywhere. It's always something.
  8. Clean For A Day :(

    I use "showroom shine". You can get two bottles and 4 microfiber cloths on Amazon for £30. Just spray on the car and clean with one cloth and wipe off with another.
  9. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    ...As demonstrated here by Jeremy Clarkson
  10. Applying Foc Stickers?

    Looks as though I'm gonna have to order another pair. Got one sticker on ok, dropped the other one and it had dirt stuck to it. Oh well at least I can put one on the back window. If I'm honest, I prefer the older ones, I like the design and you could put 'em on the inside of the window.
  11. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Reminds me of Trigger from Only Fools and Horses when he is talking about the broom he had for 20 years. Trigger - " This old broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time." Sid - " How the hell can it be the same b.l.o.o.d.y broom then?" Trigger - "Well here's a picture of it, what more proof do you need?"
  12. Rear Speakers Just Stopped Working...

    You could always try Halfords or Halfords Autocentre or any other car audio shop, give 'em a ring and see, it will probably cost you but at least you will have a receipt if goes wrong again.
  13. Applying Foc Stickers?

    Sorry didn't mean to attach the photo 3 times.
  14. Applying Foc Stickers?

    These are the ones I got when I signed up the Premium membership a few days ago so maybe they changed them. If I stuck 'em to the inside of the window they would look backward when you look at them from outside the car (if that makes sense)
  15. Rear Speakers Just Stopped Working...

    If they both stopped at the same time, then I would guess that a cable has come loose somewhere. If it was just one speaker then it would probably be the speaker itself. Never heard of them both going at the same time. Sorry can't be more help than that. Let me know how you get on with it though. Good luck.